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A peek inside my collections: unlock my heart with a vintage key or two

I think the first key in my collection might have been one that belonged to my grandmother; tarnished brass with a rounded top and a tiny flourish:


And then I started collecting more of them. Perhaps I should rephrase that… the keys started finding me. The second one I bought was at an odd sort of yard sale, from a local order of nuns that was moving out of their convent. The key just sat there, unattached to anything that might be remotely lockable. I remember handing over my dollar to the nun behind the table.

“A key is such a mystery,” I said jokingly. “You’ll never know it belonged to.” I think she looked at me kind of funny. But I ended up carrying that key in my pocket for a long time, perhaps as sort of a talisman.

It feels rather Alice in Wonderland, doesn’t it? What did it lock? What did it hide? I love the mystery of homeless keys. There could be a treasure behind any one of these:

a handful of keys

And once I’ve accumulated enough of them I hope to do something like this:

llubav obando choy of

It’s going to take me awhile to get there. But that’s the thing about collections, right? They have to grow…


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[…] A peek inside my collections: unlock my heart with a vintage key or two […]


Jennifer Aikman

I was very excited to see this today. I have an old key collection and I used it to decorate my son’s nursery. I’ve attached them to the wall over his crib (safely and securely) and mixed them up with some lovely colourful god’s eyes my daughter made. Very pretty, whimsical combo.


    Andrea Tomkins

    Such a great idea to decorate a nursery with keys!

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keychain favors

I love the wall of keys – what a unique way to decorate!


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