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A peek inside my collections: vintage Fisher Price toys

There’s something about old toys that really gets to me, especially toys I loved as a kid. They are infinitely charming and eternally fun… and Fisher Price falls into this category rather perfectly. I have a few toys that are beat up – pretty rough around the edges really – but still work.

These are a few of the pieces I keep on display around the house:




The original FP Little People were made out of wood, what’s more, they were shaped to fit perfectly into a kid’s mouth… which made it a total choking hazard – but hey, I turned out ok.


A google image search reveals many familiar Fisher Price toys that were around in the 60 and 70s: the milk wagon, the rotary phone with the rolling eyeballs, the roly ball thing, the ol’ dawn (I love the old pull toys), the A-Frame house (I had this!). There were so many!

There are several vendors on UsedEverywhere getting rid of their old Fisher Price stuff right now. Check it out. Did you know you can sign up for email alerts? And subscribe to the RSS feed of a search term? So if there’s ever an update to a particular category (like Vintage + Fisher + Price) you can get notified right away. Kinda perfect for the collectors out there. 🙂

What were your fave Fisher Price toys when you were a kid? The A-Frame? The school bus? The tree-house? The red barn? The auto garage?

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Jennifer Aikman

I love your collection. I’ve been “pinning” some of the vintage Fisher Price I’ve found on the various UsedSites. Take a boo:


    Andrea Tomkins

    Eep! Your pins are fab. I’m a Pinterest junkie. Love that site!


We totally had that Raindrops radio when I was a kid! I haven’t thought about that in years. Where do you display your collection?


    Andrea Tomkins

    We have a bunch of bookshelves in our living room and the old toys are placed among the books here and there. They were kept on higher shelves when my kids were smaller! 🙂

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