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Used Around Town: Good Things Household Consignments

Eden and I walked into Good Things Consignments unsure of what to expect. The first thing that was immediately apparent was how busy it was around two o’clock in the afternoon and Good Things was the most bumpin’ spot in Oak Bay. We were quickly spotted by Gita Da Costa Reis, the son of owner Junice Da Costa Reis, thanks to Eden’s strategic placement of a UsedVictoria purple bag. He welcomed us to take a look around this place had everything from collectables to kitchenware, jewelry, furniture, books, art and curios galore. The first item I was drawn to was, of course, Lily, the family dog and store greeter; Gita wasted no time in telling me, “she’s not for sale.”

While Eden was transfixed by a trove of vintage purses, I tried to make eye contact with an obviously very busy Junice, hoping to introduce myself the second she seemed to be free. This second never came. But she finally noticed my desperate glances and asked me to come chat with her while she helped out the customers looking to sell some of their effects.

“I’ll take this, not this, not this, this,” Junice said as she quickly went through

Miss Lily

the items brought in, filled out a consignment form, and told me about Good Things, simultaneously. Previously working in antiques, Junice and family opened up Good Things Consignments in 1994. Despite never advertising (beyond word-of-mouth), a fire, and a flood, business was still booming. In fact, they recently expanded the store a second time to make more room for inventory. After a month, items not sold are reduced in price, and after another month they are given back to their owners or donated to one of the many charities in need in Victoria. This keeps the inventory fresh; and with her keen eye from years of experience in the used goods market, Junice only accepts high quality items.

While the success of Good Things Consignments can be attributed to many factors, including excellent customer service, Lily, or the high quality and variety of items that can be found there, Junice attributed much of it simply to the fact that there is a need for

Inside Good Things Consignment

Good Things in the community. What was perhaps most interesting was the way she described the relationship between Good Things and online markets like as complementary, rather than in competition. Junice told us how customers will often bring in goods that they had a hard time selling online, and items that couldn’t find new owners through consignment were sometimes put up for sale on the site. As two different marketplaces for selling used items, online communities and consignments provide different options to meet the varied needs and preferences of sellers.

Thanks Good Things Consignments, for welcoming us into your store and teaching us a thing or two!


Good Things Consignments is located at 104-1841 Oak Bay Ave. Victoria, British Columbia.

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Sky Rys

I’ve worked with Gita on a technical project of his for the store for some time and I am sure you had a pleasure speaking with him. Very friendly and compassionate seeming individual who certainly loves what he does!


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