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Used Around Town: Cabin 12

Courtesy of Cabin 12

Cabin 12 is a little restaurant here in Victoria that has truly built itself up with materials from Owner Corey Judd started the restaurant with a particular vision in mind, and a lease found on, over 2 years ago.

When Eden and I went for breakfast there, Corey sat down with us and told us the story behind Cabin 12. Inspired by camp and community, he wanted the restaurant to embody that feeling of summer camp: carefree kitsch, grassroots, friends and comfort food. Corey achieved this not only through the restaurant’s décor and welcoming atmosphere, but also through the management of his staff. Like summer camp there is a hierarchy structure, but one that is based on mutual respect, which Corey says has been very successful and makes the staff at Cabin 12 feel more like a family than anything else.

Courtesy of Cabin 12

The eclectic décor of the Cabin is also best described as campy. Rather than a mish mash of random oddities, the various art and objects that decorate the restaurant all seem to have a story and unique value. Everything from the tables and chairs to the record player, couches, and lamps were pre-owned. Most of the treasures that now reside at Cabin 12 were found on (as did most of the furniture in Corey’s apartment, he revealed!). However, one of the most interesting items I found, the shadow-box tables with pictures of athletes tucked inside, were uncovered while cleaning out the basement of the restaurant after Corey took on the lease.

All of the mugs at Cabin 12 are used, too; most of them came from Value Village. Some of their mugs have a more interesting history though. During the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Victoria became a bit quiet. Corey and the gang decided to bring some more attention to the Cabin by sending a call out for mugs from afar! They received an official mug from the United States Embassy; a mug from the United Arab Emirates; and Chile, slightly confused, sent hats. All of these are proudly on display today!

Courtesy of Cabin 12

Perhaps more than anything, Cabin 12 is all about community. This is not only obvious from their use of and plethora of used, donated and refurbished furnishings and fixtures, but also from how they use and more importantly let customers use the space as well. The walls are covered in art for sale from local artists; they have a “take one, leave one” bookshelf; and the restaurant plays host to a number of charity and community events in the evenings.

Corey told us a story about the restaurant front being vandalized – the front façade is made up of two giant windows, and one had been smashed. At the time fledgling Cabin 12 couldn’t afford to repair it, but the community came together to get the window fixed. Corey understands the importance of community intimately, and his appreciation for Victoria and the people who live here, or who are just passing though, is built-in to the foundations of his restaurant.

Thank you to Corey and the rest of the Cabin 12 team!

Cabin 12 is located at 607 Pandora, Victoria BC. You can find them online at, on Facebook:, and on Twitter: @Cabin12Victoria

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