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Trick or Treating in the 21st Century


Back when I was a kid, I knew exactly what the game plan was for Halloween night:

  1. Put on my costume that mom just finished sewing an hour ago as I decided that morning that I wanted to be a vampire instead of a witch (Sorry Mom!)
  2. Fight with Mom over putting on the giant poofy winter coat where no one will see my costume.
  3. Grab the largest pillow case in the house
  4. Hit the neighbourhood streets with my friends in search of the best candy houses (the house that gave away a regular size chocolate bar was always the winner!)

But nowadays trick or treating can mean so many different things. Gone are the days of going out unaccompanied by your parents to knock on strangers’ doors. People are more cautious of where they go trick or treating. Halloween seems to have become an organized event where the entire family celebrates together just like Christmas or Easter. So in the spirit of a family fun Halloween, I thought I’d give some ideas on what you can do to celebrate All Hallows Eve this year.

Go Trick or Treatin’ in the Burbs

Just because you don’t live in a newly developed subdivision cul-de-sac with well lit sidewalks and no traffic, doesn’t mean you can’t trick or treat there. A lot of people now drive the kids to these trick or treat meccas as they are safer. Also, the houses are usually built very close together so you can hit more houses (and get more candy) in less time….something I’m sure the parents will appreciate. (I remember trick or treating for 3 hours or until that pillow case was overflowing with candy bars!)

Trick or Treatin’ at the Mall

This is definitely a new concept for me but, turns out, it’s actually a very popular choice for families these days. Kids trick or treat at each store in the mall and are given treats from the businesses. Some parents really like this choice because they don’t have to worry about their kids walking around in the dark on busy streets. Plus, it’s warm so the kids don’t have to cover up their costumes with the big poofy coats. Also the malls are usually open in the late afternoon so you can finish your trick or treatin’ just in time for dinner. The only down side I can see (for the kids, that is) is that there are only so many stores, so that pillow case may only be half full by the time you leave (this could definitely be a plus for the parents who don’t want their kids jacked up on sugar until Christmas!)

Community Halloween Bonfires

If you don’t want to trek around in the cold in search of candy this year, another option is a community bonfire. These days, most cities and municipalities don’t allow backyard bonfires on residential properties but many will offer a bonfire on Halloween night put on by the local fire hall. These festive events are a great way to meet others in your community and stay warm as a family on Halloween. People usually dress up in costumes for the occasion and bring marshmallows and hot dogs to roast. Plus, if you believe in ghosts, bonfires are a great way to avoid them as they are supposed to scare off evil spirits if you stand near the fire.

Whatever you do this year, just make sure to be safe, have fun and eat lots of candy! Parents included! I believe the rule of Halloween is that parents get 25% of all candy collected by kids! (Sorry kids!  I don’t make the rules!) Happy Halloween!

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