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Top 10 Things to Make the Most of Family Day!

Today is Family Day in Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan! So in honour of this recently-invented and province-biased holiday, I have come up with a list of new and exciting ways you can improve your Family Day and include in some of your family’s adventures! (Oh, and Happy Islander Day, PEI!)

1. Puppies. Nothing will improve your Family Day like adding a new, adorable member to it. Or better yet head over to your local SPCA and give some of the puppies there some much needed affection, and maybe a new forever home!

2. Punta Cana. Why spend Family Day in freezing Canada when you can extend it into Family Week and go to the Caribbean? Why, indeed. Nothing cries “vacation” like Ontario in February.

3. WWF Hardy Boys Boxset. If puppies and the Dominican Republic are just not in the cards today, nothing quite brings the family together like forced participation in a mock wrestling championship hosted in your living room. I speak from experience.

4. Reading. Always an excellent and educational way to bring the family together – storytime!

5. XBOX! You know the kids want to sit and play it all day anyway, so why not embrace it?

6. These Sweet Rides. Fun for the whole family.

7. Karaoke Machine. Since I live in BC now, I’ll never have the opportunity to hear my Mom do her best Agnetha while my brothers fill in for Bjorn, Frida and Benny. Take advantage of the opportunity presented to you today Ontarians, Saskatchewanians, Albertans!

8. Ski poles! Cross Country Skiing! I’m not entirely sure! Is cross-country skiing fun? Entirely possible! Family Day: Day of Opportunity and Discovery.

9. Tarot Cards. Why not get the kids involved in a new hobby? Have them learn the ways of the tarot and then tell you your future while you put #10 to good use.

10. Wine glasses. Reuse any day!

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