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Top 10 Gifts for Your Grad

Graduating is always a big deal – it marks the end of a period of our lives, and the beginning of a new one. By the end of June most kids have already had their prom, college and university graduates have already been to their commencement. Whether graduating from Grade 8, from high school, or from college or university, it’s important to mark these celebrations of academic success. The best way to show your kids that you are proud of their academic achievements is by giving them a gift. Why not something used? Lucky for you I have compiled a list of suggestions!

1. There is no animal more proud that a polar bear. Except for maybe a lion. But a polar bear portrait gets the same message across: “I’m proud of you son/daughter, let this portrait inspire you to charge at life, stand up tall, and smack down those opportunities before they swim away under the ice.”

2. Get the kids something they really want: a Wii with games. They actually deserve it now after proving they can work hard and get through school, so now they have a summer full of time to play and relax! And build character, friendships, and hand-eye coordination skills.

3. I would be lying if I said I fully understand what this is. What is a poster book? The important thing to take away from this gift is that it is about Titanic. Life lessons from Titanic include: 1. be humble; 2. dream big; 3. sometimes you have to go with your heart instead of your head; 4. Billy Zane should not be trusted; 5. expensive jewelry is no good to anyone at the bottom of the ocean, don’t do it Rose, don’t do it.

4. Now that school is over, it is time to start real life, and real life means a real job. But when a real job can’t be found, it’s time to make the kids’ learn the accordion and send them to hang out downtown. And who knows, they might just find their passion.

5. Several Seasons of Seinfeld I learned the hard way that Seinfeld is important to being socially acceptable in today’s society. If you can’t quote directly or recall every episode your kid will have a much harder time fitting in at University. Do them a favour and take them to Seinfeld School this summer.

6. A Horse! I’m sure a lot of your parents are thinking about getting your recent grad (depending on their age) a car. Well let me inform you of an even more desirable means of transportation for today’s youth: Equus ferus caballus. Trust me on this one. The kids will never forgive you… I mean… thank you enough. Did I mention it is much more economical? Gas prices these days, sheesh!

7. An electronic bidet. Welcome to adulthood.

8. This next gift falls into the category of hobbies that can double as a career if things don’t really work out with this whole school thing. Hit two birds with one stone with a brand new (slightly used) …..Loom!

9. I WISH my parents bought me a popcorn maker when I graduated. This is one of those gifts that you will guarantee you a confused-face from your offspring upon opening. Its true value can only be understood after use. It is perfect for the high school grad going off to university since most nights it will be popcorn for dinner anyway!

10. This book is for some serious inspiration. Please, allow Bill Gates to help prepare your graduate for The Road Ahead.

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Follow your heart-always…



Always remember to believe… in yourself… you will accomplish your dreams.., one day at a time if you believe in yourself… one step at a time,,, always belive in you…


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