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Thoughts about moving to smaller spaces

My family recently moved from a three-bedroom house to a two-bedroom apartment.Our home is being renovated and we needed to relocate temporarily. We finally got the Wifi set up I am writing this surrounded by boxes that still need to be unpacked.

We left this behind yesterday:

… and entered the world of this:

The girls were pretty excited to unwrap everything.

“It’s just like Christmas!” they shrieked. I tried very hard to see it through their eyes, I really did, but it was hard to stay positive amid the dust and the packing paper. I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday: I packed too much stuff.  For weeks we’ve been sorting and purging our goods and getting rid of our old stuff, but it’s looking like I didn’t pare things down enough at all. More than half of our belongings went into storage. Our wedding china, camping gear, and some other valuables went to my in-laws basement, but I didn’t manage to edit it all down to “apartment size.”

The storage drawer underneath our apartment oven can’t hold all of our cookie sheets. The fruit drawer in the fridge only holds a half-dozen apples. I still don’t know where I’m going to put all of my office supplies. This is going to take some adjustment.

I had an epiphany as I unpacked a second pie plate. I don’t even bake that much, why on earth did I bring two? (I actually have four.) I also have three colanders.  Two sets of measuring cups. As I unravel the paper around each item I think to myself: how many of these things do we need, really need? Can we make do with only four glasses? Four bowls? Four plates?

What do you think? Are you the kind of person who has one colander? Or three?


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[…] too. Specifically, I’m wondering how many colanders you have. You can give me your answer over here. […]



Two colanders, because we each brought one into the marriage. That was 16 years and a couple of moves ago, you think I would have gotten rid of one – but both of us feels “ours” is superior, so they both stay :). I feel like I need to do some purging now!



I have 2 colanders and don’t like either one. One is plastic & I no longer like using plastic. The other is stainless steel but it has a little pedestal that makes it hard to clean the pasta goop off of it. I will get rid of the two whenever I find a suitable newish one during my trips to Value Village.



3 – a big one for pasta, a tupperware one (used for berries mostly), and then I had to go and buy a fine-wire one to sift flour and rinse quinoa/rice. I shudder to think of moving. Ever.



we have two colanders, and it’s probably too many. one is easier to use (and way easier to clean) than the other, but the holes are too big for some pasta, hence we keep them both. We only have two decent cookie sheets, though, plus two for crafts – how many do you have that they won’t fit?

I know when we moved I meant to pare down, both packing and unpacking, but it didn’t really happen. Going temporarily into a small apartment, though, we probably would have treated like camping, taking just enough to get by on.


Cindy W

2. One standup and a finer hand held one. We have a very small space, so perhaps I should get rid of one. If I ever have to move, it will be a painful experience 😉


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