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There’s Something New on It’s Way

There is a new feature coming down the pipeline that I wanted to tell you about! It’s not so much of a new feature as it is changing an old feature that opened the door to some trouble. HTML links in the ad description will be stripped out, and instead replaced with a link for all of you ad posters who want to provide an HTML link to more information. Basically:

  • We now have a NEW “website link” field in the “Place Ad” page.  It is located below the description field and allows users to include one website link per ad.
  • HTML capabilities have been removed within the description field of free ads.  This was done to reduce link spam, increase ad quality and security, and create consistency with the use of links in all ads.

The bottom line is, this will increase your protection on the site, while still making it possible for you to have links in your ads! High five!

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