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The Second Hand Challenge: Baby Edition

Some of you may remember my blog post from back in January about expecting my first baby and wanting to buy as many used baby items as I could. Before working with UsedEverywhere, my experience purchasing used items online was pretty limited. Needing to prepare for and purchase so many items for a new little person was really daunting to me at first (especially given I didn’t know the first thing about what I needed.)

Actually, to say I found it daunting is a gross understatement. I spent countless hours fretting over how we were going to afford to purchase thousands of dollars in baby items that were deemed by the general public as “essentials”. Early on in my pregnancy I sat in the mall having a complete melt down about the fact that I didn’t want a $1000 jogging stroller (I don’t jog or hike!) and my very rational husband sat me down and said something along the lines of “What do babies in the third world do? They just give them sticks and bugs to play with and they are happy”. He then very authoritatively explained that the baby industry is a completely overblown racket and we didn’t need to participate in it. And just like that, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and my hormonal irrationality cleared and I decided that we were not going to get sucked in. Now, if I’m honest there were some stumbling points along the way… baby stuff is very cute and it’s easy to just start buying. Especially once the “heavy nesting” urge strikes. And for me it struck hard.

But, i’m happy to report that at 40 weeks pregnant, the challenge has been overcome with flying colours! I can honestly say, I didn’t anticipate enjoying the process so much, but there really is a thrill in getting a good deal. It’s much more rewarding than just going to a store to purchase something, not to mention it’s much more affordable and good for ol’ Mother Earth.

Take a look at my baby’s room and all the used items I’ve managed to find online.

When I tally all of the savings from buying these items second hand (plus the $160 I saved on buying used cloth diapers), I saved nearly $500!

Amazingly, nearly all of the other truly essential items, clothes, books and toys I received for the baby were either gifts or passed down to us from friends and family. I had no idea we would receive such an outpouring of generosity and I look forward to someday returning the favour.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect rocking chair but I have no doubt that I’ll find it soon – and with that, I sign off and wait for this little one to make her arrival in the world. A world full of great deals!

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3 Responses to “The Second Hand Challenge: Baby Edition”


Best wishes on the arrival of your baby!

You’re so right: the Baby Gear industry is way overblown! Thanks for that important reminder.


Carri Schmidt

You did great! I LOVE buying second hand, we have five kids and our dollar is stretched as far as possible. It also teaches my kids to appreciate what they have and not to need “brand new” all the time.
Baby gear is definately way overblown….sticks and bugs are a two year olds favorite toy no matter where you live!
Congrats and best wishes!!!!!



Gorgeous room, Erin…can’t wait to hear the baby news!


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