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DIY storage with chalk paint and diaper boxes

Fact 1: Diaper boxes are useful.
Fact 2: Diaper boxes are ugly.

My home has become a useful, but ugly place. Everywhere I look, there’s a diaper box just laying around being useful (and ugly). I’ve tried wrapping the diaper boxes in pretty paper to disguise them, but my toddler just assumes the beautifully wrapped boxes are gifts for her and they are immediately unwrapped. Fortunately, I happened to scan the article about chalk paint the other day when it hit me…I could paint them!

Most of our readers are probably more crafty and creative than I am. If that is the case, you could make great use of the “make your own chalk paint” instructions. I sourced my nearest chalk paint retailerRusty Hinges in Halifax.

The great thing about chalk paint is that it covers well and requires no prep work. It is also really easy to use and dries fast. All benefits to me, a novice painter.

I purchased a small sample size for $15 and it lasted through two coats of paint on three diaper boxes. Two smaller boxes and one larger.

With a tiny container of paint, a brush and less than one hour, I transformed these diaper boxes into beautiful storage containers. They could be lined up on a shelving unit or just placed around the house as needed.

If you’re in need of cardboard boxes, you can check out this post on where to find free moving boxes.

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just beautiful, erin, thanks for sharing your technique. amazing the differences!


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