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The oddest item I will ever sell on UsedOttawa

I promise to complete the sewing project I started writing out here and here very soon. The delay is due to the fact that I’ve been adding even MORE sewing projects to my to-do list (e.g. this awesome no-sew pet bed) and I think it would be super practical of me to buy all my fabric in one big swoop.

In the meantime I wanted to share a little something I will be posting on UsedOttawa later this week. It will probably be the strangest item I ever sell. It’s a flagpole. To be specific, an antique wooden flagpole that we found in our garage before we started our big home renovation. (Please don’t ask me how we “found” a flagpole in our garage. Suffice it to say it is not utterly impossible and is not a reflection of the state of our garage. Really.)

Like any classified ad, it needs to be well-crafted in order to capture the attention of a potential buyer. It needs to straddle the balance between succinct yet detailed, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to add a little something that will resonate with the reader.¬†How about this for starters:

For sale: one solid wood antique flagpole of indeterminate age. Revisit a bygone era in which talented craftspeople worked hard to create one-of-a kind artifacts that were meant to last longer than a lifetime. Say nay to cold-hearted metal and fibreglass poles that are devoid of warmth, charm and history. Not all flag poles are created equal! This is a pole you can be proud of, one of historical significance that will stand tall in your yard and honour you and your flag. Pulleys not included. Measures approximately 20 ft.

Your additional suggestions are welcome!

And then there are photos. Photos can really make the sale. But how do you take a photo of a flagpole?

Wooden flagpole for sale!

Wooden flagpole


It's about THIS tall.

Most importantly, how does one price a flagpole? I’ve Googled like a madwoman and have come up dry. I think it could be pretty valuable, so I don’t want to go too low. They don’t make flagpoles like they used to, and there’s one website out there which pegs the price of a new wooden flagpole at around $3,000.



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9 Responses to “The oddest item I will ever sell on UsedOttawa”

Sara Danbrook

I am a firm believer that everything has an owner in waiting. If you put your price too high, and that person comes along, they will give you an offer that is suitable. I enjoy your ad writeup lol. You are right: not all flagpoles are created equal!


    Andrea Tomkins

    Thanks Sara! I’m still struggling with the price. We’ll see how I’m feeling when I post the ad I guess!

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Is this…your flagpole? Or from a previous owner? I am curious and mystified.

When I sell stuff online, my price usually reflects how anxious I am to get rid of it. It’s always a minor disappointment when I get 10 offers in the first 10 minutes, implying I could have/should have asked for more, but the comfort is in knowing that it’s leaving my house and going to someone who wants it.

So I’d say, how eager are you to get rid of this thing? How much does a new metal/fibreglass pole cost? Price it to sell, and it will.


    Andrea Tomkins

    It was here from the previous owner! Not sure of its history before that. I definitely don’t want to price it too low but I would like to get rid of it. Need to think on this more. Hmm..

Rita Flynn

Could you ask someone like Aubrey’s what they think it might be worth? (Or have I watched too many of those pawn shop and antiquing shows?) It would certainly be of interest to someone with a period house.


Lisa Higgs

Two weeks ago I listed the oddest thing I’ve ever sold on UsedOttawa: a wooden propeller. We found it in the woodshed when we moved in. It wasn’t in the greatest shape so I listed it for $20. The guy who rushed over to buy it the next day said I asked way too little. Apparently I was unaware there was a vintage propeller market. I’m guessing I could have still easily sold it for $50, but might have had resistance around the $75-$100 level.


Karen Lynn Bragg

Hi, You might consider calling a local antique auction house and ask them what they think it might sell for at auction. You can usually do that by calling them and then emailing a photo of your item, if you don’t want to actually take it there. Best of luck!



it needs to be well-crafted in order to capture the attention of a potential buyer. It needs to straddle the balance between succinct yet detailed,


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