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The Most Fantastic Finds: a play table!

For the next little while I will be profiling YOUR fantastic Used finds here at the Used blog!

This one was submitted by Snazarella, who blogs here and is on Twitter at @snazarella.

She was looking for a play table for her boys to use, something that would give them space to set up the elaborate scenes they carefully construct out of Lego and Playmobil.

Snazarella┬álogged on to from a friend’s place and saw the ideal play table. It turned out to be a good size for their basement, and it was super sturdy… perfect for hard core play time!

This is what it looked like when they picked it up:

green table 2

I like the cutouts in the centre. It’s the perfect shape for a kid to get right down in there with their Lego, or in this case, a race set:


What’s more, the best part of having a play table is that the boys don’t have to put everything away when mom calls ’em upstairs for dinner. (Which can be a total drag when you’re a kid, right?)

Thank you Snazarella for sharing your fantastic find!

Would you like your fantastic find featured here too? Send a fantastic photo and a short description to for consideration!

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