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Summer Fun?… Not For Everyone.

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There is something about the summer that just makes it hard to get work done, am I right? Maybe it’s the heat. It definitely slows you down! Maybe it’s the sunshine and seeing all the other people outside enjoying it, while you’re sitting inside… working away… or procrastinating… reading this blog. Maybe it  is caused by residual expectations of summer implanted in our heads from school when summers meant absolute freedom. There was one day last week when I decided I was going to get a lot of work done and I locked myself in my apartment. In total, I probably put in about an hour of good solid work and spent the rest of the day binge eating and staring out the window, wishing I were outside, too.

Like fate, I stumbled upon a list of suggestions to beat procrastination (and be an ideal, productive member of society?). They were more or less unrealistic. For example, “get up everyday at 5am” is physically impossible as far as I am concerned. And being super tired all day makes me less productive. “Turn off all technology for at least an hour while you do your most important work” – this sure is difficult considering everyone’s most important work is usually done with technology.

However, there were a few really helpful tips to stay productive that I will summarize for you here!

For your physical and mental well-being

  • – Start your day with at least 30 minutes of exercise (I’m still trying to make this happen, but it’s still good, classic advice, no?)
  • – Drink a litre of water early in the morning – hydration is key!
  • – Take one day off a week – but seriously disengage. No internet, no work, just relax and do something fun.
  • – Make a plan. Whether you make a plan for the week on Sunday or make a plan for the following day the night before; it will help you focus and take away the anxiety of decision making when you are supposed to be working
  • – Keep a “Things to stop doing” list

To manage your technology

  • – Turn off electronic notifications
  • – Turn off your phone during the chunks of time you devote to work (see below).
  • – Don’t check your email first thing in the morning. This can tie up a lot of your time and present new tasks that can wait!

Now get to work!

  • – Just do it! When starting a new project, that is the hardest part… starting. So just start already!
  • – Schedule your time (hence, “make a plan”). Say you’re going to work for a solid hour; schedule half an hour break to check Facebook, get some fresh air, what have you; schedule another hour of work, and so on. Be strict with yourself and stay on track! That is probably the hardest part.
  • – Working in these blocks of time will keep you more focused – people work best when they are fully engaged and able to concentrate!
  • – Break up big tasks into smaller tasks and reward yourself when you meet these smaller goals!

So those are my tips. Easier said then done, I know! But I hope that you will join me in trying to work better through the hardest season of the year to get work done!

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