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Spring stroller tune up

We’ve survived the winter, but has our stroller?

The harsh weather can take a beating on even the best buggy. If you are hearing squeaks, seeing scuffs or dealing with flat tires, it just might be time for a stroller tune-up.  With a few tips from the experts, we can have our weather worn stroller looking like new (and working that way too).

These tips aren’t just for a spring tune-up; they are a great way to spruce up that gently used stroller found on our local sites. We know strollers are expensive, so buying used is a great way to save money. If the buggy you are looking at is sturdy and all the important functions are working smoothly, these tune-up tips are sure to help keep those wheels spinning.

Clean it

Start with the basics. Get a bucket of warm, soapy water and start scrubbing the stroller frame and wheels (if possible, remove the wheels for an even better clean). Be sure to get the dirt, sand and winter salt out of all the crevices. Grab the vacuum and suck up those Cheerios and crumbs jammed in the seat and finish up with a wipe down. A steam clean to the seat fabric will have it looking as good as new.

Add a little grease

Don’t put those clean wheels back on until you’ve lubed them up. WD-40 will get rid of those squeaks and creaks. Be sure to tackle those axle joints too. This quick fix will have you and your little one strolling with ease.

Tackle those tires

Before replacing a flat tire, check the air pressure. Your owner’s manual (or a call to the manufacturer) will tell you the correct PSI level (pounds per square inch). Tire still going flat? If you keep losing air it might be time for an inner tube replacement. Head online or visit your local bike shop or stroller supplier for a new tube.

Spruce it up

Now that the stroller is clean and the wheels are rolling, it’s time to address any other damage to the stroller. The seat and handlebar get a lot of wear and tear. If you have noticed any rips in the seat fabric or canopy you can attempt to fix it yourself or you can find a replacement. Several companies make stylish and sturdy seat covers. There are even a few mom entrepreneurs who will custom make a cover for you (just Google stroller seat liners).  Don’t neglect that tattered foam handlebar. Get a better grip and replace it.

Find a good one

A good stroller is hard to find. If you love your buggy and want to keep it rolling, regular tune-up sessions will have you cruising for years (and kids) to come. For those parents-to-be on the hunt for a stroller, buying used is a great option and with a few quick fixes, you can have any sturdy stroller looking like new.

Here a few strollers currently listed on our sites. To search for strollers and other essential baby items, head to the Children’s Items category of our sites.


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