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Give new life to your unworn jewelry

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I’m all about working with what I’ve got.

Who needs to buy new when you can take something you already have and transform it into something even better?  Whether it’s painting a boring piece of furniture, reorganizing a messy closet or switching up that ugly green sweater your husband wears for the nice blue one–some things just need a quick fix to make them great. The same principle applies to your jewelry.

If you are anything like me, you have a pile of necklaces, bracelets and earrings you no longer wear (and maybe wonder why you bought in the first place). These pieces aren’t expensive. They are cheap knock-offs, costume jewelry and trendy things that just aren’t working anymore.

Why not put your creative cap on and think about how you can transform those pieces into something new.  Give that Little Black Dress a boost with some new-to-you bling. Look great for that hot date without spending the money.

Materials you will need:

· Jewelry (items with beads and other charms and removable pieces work best)

· Extra beads to play around with

· A pair of pliers

· Jewelry fixings (earring hooks, jumper rings and clasps)

· Chain to create a necklace (buy new or work with what you have)

To start, simply begin deconstructing the piece you are working with (this is where the pliers come in). I like to remove a few beads at a time and play around with different design ideas. Be sure to salvage any jump rings, clasps or other bits and pieces in case you need them for your new creation. It’s really fun to incorporate different beads to your look. Anything goes. Have fun!

Don’t have any old jewelry to work with? Here are some pieces found on our sites. You can often find users giving bags of unmatched jewelry away for next to nothing.

Find jewelry listing in Home > Clothing > Accessories > Jewelry.

Various jewelry items on

Several pieces of costume jewelry for $5 on

Gorgeous red chandelier earrings and matching necklace on  – lots of possibilities here!

Adorable beaded pieces on UsedPEI.

Additional upcycled jewelry projects

Why limit your creativity to jewelry?  There are so many fun projects to tackle using your old jewelry and leftover beads. If this simple DIY has inspired you to revamp the pieces you already have, then you are going to love these fun décor and fashion ideas that will literally transform your outdated necklaces and tacky earrings.

· Make Christmas ornaments using old jewelry

· Decorate a picture frame with upcycled beads

· Create a wedding bouquet

· Make your own belt buckle

Freelance Writer, Mom to One and an avid believer in supporting local and living simply.

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