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Small Bundle, Big Needs

I am 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my first child. It is an exciting, terrifying, thrilling, daunting time. My hormones are raging and my mind is filled with all the decisions I have to make in the next six months. What will we name the baby? Will we find out the gender? What type of birth do I want? 

My husband Mark & I

Surprisingly, the questions I find the most unnerving are the questions about all the things a baby needs. What kind of crib do we buy for our 1 bedroom apartment? Disposable or cloth diapers? Jogging or conventional stroller? I know nothing about baby products, so where to start?

Well, given I am a planner and I love budgets and lists I immediately created a ‘must have’ list. At first, I pulled lists from the Internet, but I quickly realized that what I deemed a ‘must have’ was much more minimalist than the norm (is a wipe warmer really a ‘must have’?).

Ultimate Wipes Warmer via UsedOttawa

My husband and I finally agreed on our list (but not before a giant fight we had when he suggested that since we don’t have a car, we don’t need a car seat. Since I was giving birth in July, it might be a nice day so maybe I’d want to walk home. Yeah… right). We were both shocked to see that our minimalist ‘must have’ list still had us spending over a thousand dollars.

And that was the moment that I decided upon my newest baby related goal. The second-hand challenge. My goal is to purchase nearly everything I need for our baby, second-hand (if I can’t borrow it or have it made). I started by emailing my friends for brand names I should look for and items they might be able to lend me. In the start, I had a few items on my ‘buy new’ list that I just couldn’t imagine getting second hand… namely a breast pump and cloth diapers. Though, after a bit of research, it turns out that with some knowledge (and some replacement tubing, in the case of the pump) they are perfectly acceptable items to buy second hand.

With that, I acquired my first baby item: 13 ‘gently used’ cloth diapers.  Purchased new, this brand of diapers sells for about $20/diaper ($260 total). Used, I got them for $100! A 39% savings!

My fabulous first find

Next up… the hunt is on for a dresser and a bed of some kind. I think I’m going to enjoy this! If anyone has any tips or pointers, I’d love to hear how you saved money on baby items.

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I would suggest if you are going to buy a carseat that you put it on your buy new list , unless you know and trust the person you are buying it from. ( and it would need to be 2012 compliant for it to be sold under the new regulations ) .

I agree cloth diapers are the way to go ( great first find !! ) We switched when our third was almost 1 and it has still saved us a lot of money.

I buy clothes whether new or used a size and a season ahead which saves me quite a bit.


Sarah Du Bois

I had my first child in May 2010, and we bought everything second hand. It’s really the only economic way to go! I found with baby things, that the majority is only used for such a short time, that buying new is such a waste. Some key baby items that I found invaluable are: vibrating/bouncy chair, bassinet or moses basket (if you ever want to shower again put your baby in it in the washroom and you can keep a close eye on her/him), play mat (for essential tummy time), teething rings (bought new) and a baby swing (but not all babes like them). There are things that are super helpful when Babe gets older (4+ months) like an exersaucer or jumperoo and a high chair. I bought a 4 wheel stroller initially, and almost immediately regretted it. They are nearly impossible to maneuver unless you get a City Select or high-rollin stroller. A 3 wheel (with a movable front wheel) is gold, in any terrain. A car seat is essential if you ever want to take your baby in a car, so even if you don’t own a car someone else does and you’ll need one to take Babe! Also a carrier, for when you don’t want to lug baby around. This is a big decision, because there are SO many different types. Before T was born, I had SIX different types because I didn’t know what kind I would use. Turns out I used none of them, and bought a Beco after he was born. Best to hold off on this purchase until Babe is here and you can physically try them out. Good luck and Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!



We got a pretty ugly looking dresser from the 80’s for cheap, painted it white and put nice new hardware on it and it’s perfect for our nursery.



I would never go with Cloth diapers myself cause I hate Poop… If you can’t stand the smell of poo the cloth diapers are not for you! Its a reason I like the disposible ones!
Buy a crib that also converts into a toddler bed… Saves you money in the long run! Make sure to have lots of receiving blankets too!


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