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Resolutions 2011

Happy 2011! You know what that means… It’s resolution time.

As the two newest members of the UsedEverywhere Team, we thought the best way to introduce ourselves would be through sharing our New Year’s Resolutions! Obviously we share the same goal of winning your hearts as the new Social Media and Community Coordinators, but what about our personal goals for 2011?

Hey there, it’s Eden!

My first resolution is to get back in game shape (no eye rolling!). I’m fresh off of a four month exchange in France, where I consumed more cheese, wine, and pastries than I’d really care to admit. I’m not interested in losing any weight, but I’d love to be back in good enough shape so that I don’t have a heart attack or toss my cookies as soon as I step on the soccer field with my intramural team.

Second resolution will be to (finally!) get my driver’s license… Well, my N (the stepping stone between a learner’s license and a full license in British Columbia). I’ve passed the written learner’s test an impressive three times, so a little basic math will tell you I’m far too old to be rocking the learner’s L on the back of my parents’ car.

Last but not least, I plan to read more books. It seems that at then end of every summer/winter holiday, I add one more half-finished novel to my pile of neglected books. My intention is always to finish them, but somehow textbooks and marathon study sessions curb any desire I have to read in my spare time. Fast-forward a few months and I’m never sure whether I should pick up where I left off, start over, or find a new book to inevitably love and leave.

Hello! I’m Katie.

I always struggle to come up with a New Year’s Resolution. I try to seriously consider “getting in shape” and “eating better” like most people, but fail to commit to either since they both sound so unappealing. By the time January 15th rolls around I usually give up on finding a resolution at all.

My conundrum got Eden and I talking, though, mainly questioning “why do New Year’s Resolutions so often fail?” I recently read a tip about keeping your fitness goals that also applies to keeping (and achieving) your resolutions make them doable. Don’t vow to go to the gym at 5am every morning if you already find it difficult to get out of bed at 7am for work. Eden recommended the S.M.A.R.T system to help create and focus your goals:






My official New Year’s Resolution will be to come up with a S.M.A.R.T goal for 2011 (with enough time to see it through, of course)!

Do you have trouble coming up with New Year’s Resolutions? Or is the hardest part keeping them? How do you stay on track?

is a Social Media and Community Coordinator at Twitter, Facebook, the Blog and the phone are her domains.

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Craig Vanderlinden

Eden, don’t forget your resolution to pack lighter.


    Eden Dearing

    Thanks, Craig! How could I forget… I vow to never get charged for additional luggage in 2011!

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