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Recycle your Christmas cards into Valentine’s Day cards

I admit I am a very sentimental kind of girl who likes to keep every single card she receives, whether it be for birthdays, Christmas or even thank you cards. But as the years have progressed, I’ve ended up with a gigantic stack of cards that may or may not make me look like a beginner hoarder.  Lately, I’ve been obsessed with finding ways to upcycle items in the house rather than just chuck them in the recycling bin.  I managed to cut up last year’s calendar so my son could use the pictures to make crafts and stickers.  And this got me thinking, what if I tried to upcycle a couple of my old Christmas cards and turn them into Valentine’s Day cards? Well, turns out this actually can work.  Here’s how you do it:

What you Need:

Recycled Christmas cards

Glue stick

Coloured markers

Construction paper (preferably pink and red)


Look through the recycled Christmas cards and pick one that doesn’t scream holiday card or have lots of Christmas words on it.

Next cover up any holidays messages or wording inside the card with pink or red construction paper. Then write your romantic message on top.

Look for objects or wording you can cut out of other cards to glue onto the front of your Valentine’s Day card.  Or instead, look for colours and patterns that will work and cut out heart shapes from them. If you can’t find the right words, simply write romantic words like “Love” or “Be my Valentine” on paper and glue them to the card.  You could also cut out letters from the recycled cards to spell out the words you want.

Get creative and glue the various items onto your card and there you have it…a beautiful, original, thoughtful Valentine’s Day card that anyone would love. I can’t say who’s going to get this one as it has to be a surprise…. but he probably can guess!  Tee-hee!

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