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Recipe collection and a spaghetti sauce recipe

One of my university roommates had a folder full of her family’s recipes. Her mom sent her off into the big wide world with copies of all of her favourites, written out so her daughter could prepare them herself. This was before computers and printers were in common use, so it must have taken some effort to create. I remember flipping through it once, and thinking it was really sweet. There were pages and pages of roast chicken and soup and tuna casseroles (something that was totally foreign to me), along with personal notations and reminders (“don’t forget to grease the pan!”) … many of which were downright hilarious.

What a neat idea. I must remember to do the same when our girls are older.

We have a few keeper recipe cards kicking around that I really love too. One of them is for spaghetti sauce that my husband’s mother gave to him when he left the house.

(I love the handwritten p.s. at the end, don’t you?)

Spaghetti sauce recipe (1)

Spaghetti sauce recipe (2)

Not only is it like holding a piece of family history in our hand, but it’s also a very good spaghetti sauce.

Do you have any “keeper” recipes that you love? I’d love to hear about them if you do!

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