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Purple Party

You may have noticed that we like purple here at It’s kind of our colour.

But what is purple? Really, the colour purple is the combination of red, a colour sometimes associated with agitation, heat, passion, and anger, and blue, which is sometimes identified with serene, calm and, well, depression. Put all those together and you get the well-balanced prettiness known as purple.

We all know that purple is a colour associated with royalty (because back in the day, purple dye was slow and expensive to make, don’t ya know?) but what else does purple have to offer? Well, I compiled 7 interesting, personal purply facts to share with you!

1. My Pet Monster is the first thing that comes into my head when I think about purple, even though he was mostly blue

2. My grandma had a 90+ year old neighbour with purple hair

3. Klingons have purple blood

4. In some East Asian countries purple is the colour of death

5. Scared of purple? You might have Porphyrophobia

6. I can’t think of anything that rhymes with “purple”

7. When I was 8 I used purple balloons to dress up as grapes for Halloween


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