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Post-Hockey Madness

Creative Commons Image | Mark Donovan Vancouver

It is very disappointing that the Canucks lost the Cup. But how does such a loss turn into fighting in the street, rolling over cars, starting fires, and damaging public and private property? Obviously, I’m referring to the rioting in Vancouver after the Bruins beat the Canucks last night. Losing was always a possibility, so why the exaggerated reactions?

Granted, every team has passionate fans, but why do those fans turn violent and destructive in the face of a huge disappointment? And why does it accelerate? Normal, non-threatening people who wouldn’t dream of physically harming anyone or anything suddenly lose control and go wild…

Is it a show of passion because hockey is supposed to be such a huge part of Canadian identity? Is this loss being taken as the ultimate, personal insult? Frankly, I think these riots are more of an embarrassment than any hockey game.

Perhaps it is that “mob-mentality” that causes chaos to spread and as the authorities are overwhelmed, people let loose, feeling like they can get away with anything. Do they think that the police officers and firefighters are not disappointed, too? And now they have to go out and deal with the madness in streets.

Is it not amazing that the Canucks made it to the final? That is something to be celebrated, don’t you think? Just because they lost the Cup doesn’t make them “losers” or “Canada’s disappointment”. They gave us hope, 7 exciting games, and something to cheer for and get us all jazzed! It was a really great season!

There seems to be something about team sports, particularly hockey and soccer, that just make people go crazy; I just can’t explain it. Nobody riots over tennis. No gang of golf enthusiasts threw a simultaneous tantrum when the golfer from their hometown lost whatever that important golf tournament is called. When our athletes make it to the Olympics, we are so proud of them. Even when they lose, yeah it’s disappointing, but when our rowers come in second or when one of our skiers goes home empty handed, no one goes and breaks a store window.

Why can’t people handle their hockey?


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4 Responses to “Post-Hockey Madness”

Jan Horwood

I couldn’t agree with you more. You make several very notable points, not least of which is that these riots are far more of an embarrassment than the game was. I feel very sorry for the Canucks – no other Canadian hockey team would be looking at a questionable future after a seventh game Stanley Cup final. They don’t have the real support they need as a team. Making it to the seventh game should tell the fans that this is an exciting, dynamic, growing team, and they’ll learn from this and could do even better next time.

Good article, keep up the common sense!


Katie Bresner

Thanks Jan! I appreciate it.


Eva Truelove

This is not about hockey. It’s abut a few idiots just looking for an excuse to loot and behave badly. Who brings a hamer and a bella-clava to a public event? I trust the pics now posted on line will catch these yahoos and the law will kick in as it should.


Nick Kempinski

I wanted to share this link to photo’s of volunteers who came out to help clean up the mess. That’s Vancouver!


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