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Porch Day: helping others from the comfort of your (warm!) home

Toys, check. Snowsuit, hat, scarf, mitts and boots, check. Hey wait – is that the Ikea monkey?

If you’re like me, the lead-up to the holidays can incur a weird mix of emotions:

  • Excitement. “Hooray, Christmas is coming!”
  • Stress. “How am I going to get all this shopping, wrapping, visiting and entertaining done?”
  • Guilt. “How can I spend so much money while others live in poverty?”
  • Dread. “Sigh. Another year, more stuff to cram into my closet/basement.”

How can you enjoy the “most wonderful time of the year” when you’re feeling so…confused? Well, I know a way you can help your community, free up space, and feel good about it…all without barely lifting a finger. Introducing Porch Day.

The concept of a Porch Day is simple: basically, it lets you help your community from the comfort of your own (warm!) home. Got a basement or closet full of stuff that you’ve been meaning to give to goodwill? Put it out on your porch…and somebody will pick it up and deliver it to folks in need, on your behalf. No need to abandon your Christmas baking or squeeze in an extra hour to support your community: someone will do the work for you.

Porch Day coming to Ottawa! How you can help others.

On Saturday, December 15, will pick up donations of the following from any address in Ottawa/Gatineau:

  • new toys—to be delivered to Salvation Army’s Toy Mountain;
  • gently used toys—to be donated directly to Salvation Army, but not as part of the Toy Mountain program; and
  • children’s or adults’ snowsuits (also including hats, mitts, and boots)—to be taken to the Snowsuit Fund.

To participate, please e-mail your address to and leave your items ready for pickup by 10 a.m. on December 15.

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