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“Green” with wedding envy

I loved my wedding four years ago. Seriously, every part of it was awesome.

But then I met Ottawa bride-to-be Lisa Higgs.

Now, I’m sort of regretting that I can’t do my big day all over again to emulate hers.

That’s because Lisa is coordinating perhaps the coolest and most creative, cost-effective and community-conscious wedding I’ve ever heard of.

Budget was always the top consideration for Lisa and her fiancé Rolf Campbell—but they also wanted a backyard wedding that wouldn’t put a toll on the environment.

“To us, being green and not creating waste is the only logical choice—and that means we wanted to avoid purchasing all those single-use items that normally end up in the landfill or in the back of a closet,” says Lisa.

Some of the green and cost-efficient (often free!) things Lisa and Rolf have done in preparation for their August 18th “Home Sweet Wedding” include:

  • Sending e-invites instead of paper invitations, and creating a website for RSVPs and general wedding information.
  • Choosing “non-wedding” clothing, allowing the entire wedding party to self-select their own cocktail dresses and suits that can be worn again.
  • Borrowing (from friends and family members) instead of renting equipment (from vendors) like BBQs, coffeemakers and a bar.
  • Collecting donated table settings (among many, many other things) from Lisa and Rolf opted for 100 vintage-eclectic place settings of used dinner and dessert plates, wine and drinking glasses, and cutlery because “…rental companies often replace their dishes with new ones too often, so this was a greener option.”
  • Not driving long distances, or making car trips for the sole purpose of picking up donated items.
  • Repurposing their own household items, such as using Lisa’s grandmother’s vintage suitcase as a card box; and old paned windows from her mother’s farmhouse for displaying the seating chart.
  • Making paper bouquets and boutonnieres using the pages of 30 books—bought for a whole $1 at a used book sale—which can be recycled after the wedding. Or, if kept for sentimental value, the flowers will be more easily maintained than fresh flowers.
  • Creating fortune cookie wedding favours out of 100% recyclable origami paper.

Lisa has many, many more creative, budget- and environmentally-friendly wedding décor DIY ideas that we plan to share with the UsedEverywhere audience over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for more, including a recap of her and Rolf’s big day!

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3 Responses to ““Green” with wedding envy”

Colin Trethewey

Smart, sensible and memorable for everyone involved. Guests will be more likely to remember and talk about this wedding than a regular wedding that costs much more.


Lisa H

Another plus for collecting used place settings was that it saved us several hundred dollars in rental charges. And it’s fun! Thank you for sharing our story, Lindsey, we are super stoked for the wedding.



Thank you for your Blog it is fun to read, I would love to share mine too,


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