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Photo fun with sparklers

Two things that we always bring with us when we’re camping are glow sticks and sparklers. Not only are they a lot of fun to play around with but you can use them to create some really memorable photographs.

It can take a lot of experimentation before you get something you’re happy with. (Yay digital!) Here’s one of mine:


I assumed all I needed was a long exposure and a tripod (the one above was taken with a shutter speed of 1.6 seconds) but there’s more you can do. (OMG!)

I looked it up and now I’m ready. Want to try it out too? You can do it with almost any kind of digital camera. Check out this easy tutorial before you set your sparklers on fire. If you’ve done this before and have your photos posted online, please share the link! I’d love to see your sparkler pics!

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Mary @ Parenthood

My sister loves to play with sparklers! We got her 24 for her birthday this year (some photos here: We all sat indoors with the light off while she danced around outside making shapes for us. All except my husband who was designated photographer that is! Funny though that I strongly associate sparklers with winter.


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