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Passover Hunter

Welcome to the third day of Passover! Your Seder might be over, but in honor of one of my most favourite holidays, and to the dod Hebrewing the Haggadah in hyperspeed, I present you our Top 10 Best Places to Hide the Afikoman, courtesy of your posts across Canada! So put on your kipa and buckle down for…. Passover Hunter!

1. The first one is easy just to help you whip your mind into shape. But from a different angle, this isn’t a bad hiding place at all: The Bathtub.

2. Inside the Plant Pot.

3. All up in your Grill.

4. Under the Iron. Everyone will think it is just shirts (a.k.a. genius)!

5. Under the Puppy. This is a strategy of diversion.

6. In the Toilet. Actually don’t do that. We all have to eat this thing eventually, don’t we? Nevermind.

7. Inside the Russian Nesting Dolls. If you happen to have them in Giant Size.

8. Amongst your Jason Bourne Collection.

9. In your mom’s Chaps.

10. In the Skink Cage. Who would look there?

Chag Pesach Sameach!

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