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Ode to fromage: DIY Halloween costumes

Actually this should be titled “Ode to the two cheesiest men in my life: My dad and my husband”.  You know how they say girls usually end up marrying their fathers? Well, there is definitely truth in this when you compare my hubbie and my dad’s cheesy sense of humour.  Each year they try to come up with the cheesiest, tongue in cheek Halloween costume that THEY think is the funniest thing ever; to others it’s a matter of opinion…usually an eye roll is what they get rather than a laugh!

These cheesy gems are super easy to make ,so if you guys out there are looking for a last minute costume idea that’s easy to put together and will make the ladies either laugh or groan, look no further:

God’s gift to women

All you need is:

  • a large cardboard box
  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • a big red bow
  • a small piece of cardboard
  • a black felt pen

Simply cut a hole at the top of the box big enough to fit your head through and then glue or tape the wrapping paper to the box.  Cut the small piece of cardboard into the shape of a price tag and write in big letters: “To: Women, Fr: God.” Then attached the big red bow in front and you’re done.  My dad liked this costume so much that he borrowed it from my husband to wear to work the next year. These guys are like two peas in a cheesy pod, I tell ya!

Chick magnet

All you need is:

  • a plain t-shirt
  • 15-20 pictures of baby chicks printed off the computer in color
  • a box of safety pins

My husband had no idea what to be this one year and thought up this clever costume that literally took about 10 minutes to make.  All you do is print off a bunch of pictures of baby chicks from the web, cut them out and then safety pin them to your t-shirt.  I would highly recommend using a plain t-shirt; my hubbie wore this one that said “unemployed” on it so everyone kept asking if he was an unemployed chicken all night!

Jack of all trades *

 *I don’t have a picture of this costume yet as my Dad just came up with the idea and is making it for this Halloween.  Sorry for the spoiler alert Dad! I promise to a post a pic as soon as he makes it.

All you need is :

  • a tool belt filled with different tools
  • a picture of a jack of diamonds
  • safety pins

This one is super easy and yes, super cheesy making it the perfect last minute costume.  Simply put on a tool belt filled with hammers, wrenches, etc. and then print off a picture of the jack of diamonds.  Safety pin it to a white t-shirt and voila, “Jack of all Trades.” If your name is already Jack, you only need to wear the tool belt.  Too easy, cheesy!

I’d love to hear any other simple and ooey, gooey fromage costumes you’ve seen or worn in the past.


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