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My used Christmas

I’m not really sure when I truly started to subscribe to the idea that new isn’t always better, but I’m into it 100% these days. And that is why this year we are having a “Used Christmas.”

Not sure how appealing that sounds, now that I am typing it out, but the thing is, I’m REALLY excited about it.

What is a ‘Used Christmas’?

Well, essentially, I’ve spent time over the past few months buying up great deals and items I KNOW my girls would like to have, at prices far far far FAR below what they would have cost me new. So basically they will be getting ‘new-to-them’ presents that have been formerly loved.

And I’m perfectly fine with that. Here’s why:

  1. My wallet is so very VERY thankful. That’s $930 saved! $930!
  2. The items look great, still function, and if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know they had been used before. Well, that and they aren’t all in original packaging but does anyone notice? And further to that, I pretty much loathe the packaging that requires several tools and an hour of time to open.
  3. None of these things are going into the garbage. THIS is a key point, my friends. If you can still use it, why toss it? The items aren’t going into the garbage NOR is the packaging, and that’s fabulous.
  4. My girls won’t even know the difference, and even if they did, for the reasons stated above, I want them to appreciate them nonetheless. I love the idea that they learn it doesn’t have to be new to be valuable. The toss-away consumerism that is so prevalent doesn’t have to be the rule in our house.
  5. The stuff is ALREADY assembled. Wipe it down to be sure it’s germ-free and voila – ready to play.
  6. Community. I get to know the people I buy from. I hear about how their kids loved the items. I meet people from all backgrounds. I get to know who takes great care of their stuff and who to buy from. And I sell to them too. Sharing is caring my friends!

Cool toys, cool prices

So, as of today, what could you get off your local site that would be ideal for Christmas? Well let’s just see…

How about a cool solid wood art table with two matching benches for only $60 found on

Or maybe you love my train steal and want to find one for yourself?  Here’s one with the table and extra trains and tracks for $100 on

Like my previous doll house transformation blog, perhaps you want to put your own stamp on a fabulous and unique newly refurbished doll house?  Here’s one that’s a blank canvas ready for transformation – and they are only asking $50, again on

Or maybe you just need to save money on some Bratz dolls clothing and accessories or get a full size Foosball table…the possibilities are ENDLESS on our sites right now. Nintendo DSI for only $50. LEGO….lots of Lego. Like this one, a Star Wars Pre-Vizlas Mandalorian Fighter on That’s cool, right?

So…what do you think? Could YOU have a Used Christmas?

Use our Useful Links below to head over to the kids’ toy categories on our main sites. And don’t forget, you can probably make some dollars on our sites by sorting through your own old toys and collectibles and selling what you don’t use anymore. Check out our blog post: Make Room for Christmas for some selling tips.

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5 Responses to “My used Christmas”


What an excellent idea! Thank you for sharing!


Pamela Stewart

My pleasure, Heather! Think you might start looking for something special but ‘previously loved’? I’m so excited to give my girls that train table with all the trains and tracks. An amazing gift for only $100…



I love your idea of “Used Christmas” so I have been after free adds offering Christmas decorations and so far I have collected few things which I will incorporate in my Christmas decor. This way I will save some items from ending up in the landfill and contributing my 2 cents to the environment.



I love your idea. I’ve had my kids loading up their toys they don’t use, that are in excellent condition and we have been offering free to families in need who want to upcycle something rather than buying new. Great responses so far. I’ve personally managed to buy my kids a lot of used playmobil and remote control cars used for gifts and they never care. In fact, often it’s much nicer for them as the gifts are already put together and ready to play with


    Amber R Bosma

    Me too Helena, that’s exactly what we do and now my little boy is old enough, he loves to get involved and choose the toys he has grown out of and other kids will like. He also has some pre-loved gifts this year. He will have no idea they are pre-loved! Amber

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