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My New Years Resolution: Finish Last Year’s Resolutions

Every New Year’s Eve we toast to the start of a brand new year and make resolutions for ways we can be healthier and happier.  The usual, cliche ones are working out more, eating more fruit and veggies (even the ones that you hate but are super good for you like icky brussell sprouts) or starting a new hobby like knitting or scrap booking.  I confess I’m prone to promising the first two to myself, only to cave by January 15th and drown my sorrows in a Big Mac meal! Or in the case of this year, Jan.8th.  I know, I’m so weak.

Therefore, since I’ve already caved on my “new” resolutions, I’ve decided to go back in time and actually resolve the “old” ones that I didn’t complete last year. For example, my last two blog posts counted down my “Random Acts of Kindness” challenge where I planned to complete 12 random acts of kindness by Christmas. As you may have guessed, I ran out of time and didn’t complete this challenge. For shame, for shame!

I’ve been able to complete seven random acts and so my new/old resolution is to finish this challenge by next Christmas which should be a much easier task since I only gave myself two weeks the last time. Guess I’m kind of a keener!

My next “old” New Year’s Resolution is to try to complete the long list of household tasks that I didn’t get to in 2012.  Things like replacing  the outside light with a new one we bought eight months ago and cleaning out the basement so we can turn it into a playroom for our son. This way I’ll be all set to start working on the long list of tasks I forget to do this year for next year…does that even make sense? I’m confusing myself now.

And finally my last “old” new years resolution is to not beat myself up for not completing my resolutions from last year and to remember this when I probably forget to do this same thing again this year. Boy these resolutions can be really tricky?

Don’t get me wrong, I think New Year’s Resolutions are a great way of taking stock of your life and to look at the things you’d like to change in order to better yourself. But I also think we sometimes go too big and that can be daunting and therefore easier to bail on. I feel these three “old” resolutions are small enough to be attainable plus now that I’ve written them in a post for everyone to see, I feel more accountable to complete them.  As for the usual eating healthier and working out more ones, I’ll start with grabbing a carrot stick instead of a french fry and simply go from there.

Happy 2013!


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2 Responses to “My New Years Resolution: Finish Last Year’s Resolutions”


Great idea, Carly! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who buying a new thing (like a lightbulb) and let’s it sit in the package for 6 months. lol


    Carly Russell

    Me too! I also have a screen door sitting my basement that we bought 4 years ago. Madness!

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