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Five reasons why I love being a mom: a reminder

Friday was a PD Day and Monday was Family Day. The kids were feverish going into the long weekend and when they DID feel better it was a little bit too cold to go out and truly enjoy the winter.

That’s why I’m writing this today. I needed a little reminder of why I like being a mom. Let’s just say I’m feeling a bit worn out today.

5. Having kids provides a great excuse to play.
As long as kids are on the scene, no one looks askance if I’m skipping along the sidewalk, making choo-choo sounds while riding across the parking lot on the grocery cart, swinging on the swings, playing hopscotch etc. I am free to be me. Sometimes its fun to play with their toys too. When my eldest got a remote control car we brought it up to the park to try it out. My husband (kind of) took over and EVERY OTHER DAD was green with envy.

4. Having kids gives me the opportunity to learn. Why is the sky blue? Is there a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? How do birds fly? Suddenly I need to know the answers to all of these questions. And it’s great.

3. Having kids has made me a better person.
I watch what I eat. I am much more environmentally aware. I am probably healthier than I’ve ever been in my life. And I’m not just a better person, I’m a different person. For example, I don’t know if I ever would have gone camping without kids, it wasn’t something my family did very much of when I was growing up. But I love it and can’t imagine a summer without it.

2. I love watching them grow and become independent little people.
Parenthood is the ultimate science experiment. You start with a blank slate and add whatever you like! Genetics gets in the way sometimes, but hey, so what if you’re a shy bookworm with hockey-loving boys? It might be good for you.

1. It’s a buffet of love. I get hugs and kisses every day. There’s laughter at bedtime, a warm embrace in the morning… there’s nothing better than that.

Got anything to add? I’d love to hear it.

Mother of two imps and wife of one. Writer, photographer, pro blogger, adventure-seeker, Ottawaholic, social media evangelist and lover of STUFF. Also known as @missfish on Twitter.

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