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March in Review

It is already April! Would you believe that? It’s also time for the March Re-cap! Would you believe that either?

So what exciting stuff went down this past month? Lots and lots of exciting things! On the Facebook the people of Regina demanded satisfaction when I tried to give away some car magnets. So I quickly fashioned this one to appease them and prevent an uprising:

And then Andrea followed suit by creating a proper magnet. We will keep you posted when these babies arrive!

Speaking of swag, we also debuted the pen video, New Pens = Fiesta Time, and gave away 200 free pens to a team raising money for the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers.

On the Blog, this blog, the blog you are currently reading, the most exciting thing that happened had to be Eden and I’s battle for Who Wore it Better. It doesn’t matter who won or lost, what matters is that everyone had fun.

IRL, that’s In Real Life, we had the Office Makeover and the Fundraiser for Japan. Click the links to read more about those adventures!

And finally, on Twitter perhaps the most exciting news of all. KB and @MurrayGMMJ got engaged. No big deal.

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Eden Dearing

Oh-em-gee, shotty bridesmaid!!


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