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Join the “12 Days of RAOK” Challenge

I was so amazed by the responses I received from last week’s post. Sharing my story of witnessing an amazing random act of kindness did what I hoped it would do—inspire!  Since witnessing that selfless act by that wonderful elderly lady (I wish I could find you to say thank you!) it feels like something has changed in my life.  I’m looking at people differently and waking up each day hoping I can find someone to help, even in the smallest way. And opportunities to perform random acts of kindness seem to be popping up everywhere around me.

I no longer want my fears to overcome my desire to help others and so I’ve decided in the spirit of Christmas to challenge myself to 12 Days of RAOKs (random acts of kindness). From now until Christmas, I will try to perform at least 12 random acts of kindness, however big or small.

I began brainstorming ways I could do this but suddenly realized that by preplanning them, they wouldn’t actually be random.  Not to say that performing premeditated acts of kindness isn’t a great thing, but I believe that by opening myself up and wanting to help, opportunities will present themselves to me at random.  So this is where the challenge comes in.

Already, in the last three days, I’ve managed to perform two random acts of kindness without any premeditation so I’m thinking this new attitude is really working and that my challenge will be a success!

I’ll be posting a couple times of week to update everyone on what RAOKs I’ve managed to achieve and I’d love it if anyone else out there would like to join this challenge with me as it’s always easier to stick to a goal if you have others supporting you.  Simply comment below that you are joining the 12 days of RAOK challenge and please feel free to pass this along to others and challenge them as well.  Also, please let me know what RAOKs you complete so hopefully they can inspire others.

I’m so excited about this challenge and can’t wait to see what RAOK opportunities the universe throws at me this week. Bring it on!!!



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Karen Lynn Bragg

What a wonderful idea! I’m in!!!!


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