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It’s Baby Mania in Victoria!

Find the best baby restaurant in town at the Vancouver Island Baby Fair!

One of my guy friends asked me what I was doing this weekend and I told him I was going to a Baby Fair.  His reply was, “Is that where people go to bid on babies?”  An honest mistake I thought, as I may have thought this a few years ago before kids were a factor in my life.  Anyhoo, after attending the Vancouver Island Baby Fair this weekend for the first time, I can safely say that NO babies were auctioned off but you could definitely find practically everything else baby related to buy.

I bought a weekend pass thinking “why would you need two days to go to a baby fair?”  As I walked through the front door of the arena, I realized why… this baby fair was huge!!  Booths as far as the eye could see.  I couldn’t believe there were so many businesses out there specializing in baby products and services.  And most of them were locally owned by moms and parents so it felt great to buy stuff knowing you were helping support your local community.

There were a ton of booths selling adorable baby clothing, each with their own unique designs or specialty items like bamboo swaddlers and organic onsies. Here are a couple of neat items I found:

These are called "Japanese Monkey Pants" because they make your baby's bum look like a monkey. So cute!

Hand knit sock monkey hats!!!

I was quite surprised at the wide variety of stalls showcasing services for babies…baby skin care, baby acupuncture, baby chiropractors, baby astrology (I’m not kidding) as well as booths with information on child education, sports programs, insurance, jewelry, children events…the list goes on and on.

I ran into the crew raffling off some cool baby items you can find on their site.  Looks like Andrea chose some pretty some good items as people kept asking them if they could buy the items on the spot. (Sorry you’ve got to go to their site):

Charlotte and Andrea at their first baby fair with

Charlotte and Andrea at their first baby fair with

Awesome choices for the prize pack Andrea! (There's that fabulous Bumbo again)

My husband had a funny thing happen to him. I had left him with the stroller to go check out a booth and a guy approached him asking him he was interested in any marriage counselling.  His reply was “Dude, do you really think I would come to this if I needed marriage counselling?”  LOL.  I would agree that you definitely have a strong marriage if you can convince your husband to spend four hours on a weekend surrounded by hundreds of moms salivating over all things baby!

 My absolute favourite thing about the baby fair was all the contests you could enter. Practically every booth has an “Enter for a prize” box. This is another reason you need two days for the fair…you could spend six hours just going to each booth and entering their raffles. I think I entered my name in every single one! I mean, why not?  I’m still hoping I win the grand prize which is a gift set worth over $1800 in baby gear…wouldn’t that be sweet!
All in all a wonderful event to go to as a new parent.  I would highly recommend checking out a baby fair in your area if you have the chance…you never know what cool baby gear you might discover or maybe a local company you can support. But remember, you have to bring your OWN baby with you…you can’t just buy one there!

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