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How to Cure the Post-Halloween Blues: Go Shopping for Halloween Deals!

As you may have figured out from my previous blogs, Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday. So you’re probably thinking that yesterday, on November 1st, I woke up with a fun-size chocolate bar hangover, tired and depressed that it was all over again this year… and you would be WRONG!

Since I’m too old to trick or treat (or at least that’s what everyone tells me…I was one of those kids who trick or treated until they were 16…the only time I was thankful for being so short!), November 1st is my time to go trick or treating for some sweet post-Halloween deals! You can find some amazing deals the day after Halloween on decorations and costumes which will save you a ton a money for next Halloween!

Yesterday I headed out bright and early to the local Shoppers Drug Mart in search of some spooky decorations to use next year in our makeshift haunted house (I actually think our house may be haunted but my husband has told me sternly that if I try to summon the ghosts with the Ouija board, he’ll move out. What a scaredy cat! LOL)

I started to snicker when I walked through the doors of Shoppers; several staff members were frantically pulling Halloween skeletons and ceramic pumpkins from the shelves and sticking clearance stickers on them while other stafff simultaneously opened up boxes of Christmas decorations and placed them on the same shelves.  There’s literally no time for consumers to mourn when it comes to holidays… “Attention!  Attention! The reign of the Halloween holiday is officially over…long live the new holiday Christmas!!!”

From the fallen Halloween wreckage, I managed to find some pretty amazing deals on some really cool decorations for next year. Here’s what I left with in my trick or treat bag:

This scary pirate will be a wonderful addition to my graveyard next year!

This next little guy will definitely be used as an annoying “trick” at next year’s Halloween party:

Bad to the Bone Grim Reaper

This ghoulish guy will look great peering out our window with its’ glowing red eyes:

I think I'll name him Skulley

And of course I needed a festive decoration for the door:

Isn't this the most beautiful wreath you've ever seen? Is it wrong I want to put it up for Christmas?


Finally I found the perfect scary decoration to put out for the trick or treaters next year to give them a fright.  It’s so good, it could be straight from Disney’s Haunted Mansion!

The Book of Dark Magic

Okay! Okay! I lied. There were a couple of more things I couldn’t resist buying.  One is for my son next year and one is for me.  Can you guess which is which?

I couldn't resist...I just love those mini snickers and for some reason they don't make me feel as guilty! (Even when I eat 10!)

Here is a breakdown of what I paid for each item compared to what it originally cost on Oct.31:

Pirate Tombstone: paid $5.99 (original price $19.99)

Bad to the Bones Grim Reaper: paid $5.99 (original price $24.99!!! Crazy!)

Grinning light up Skull: paid $4.99 (original price $14.99)

Skull Wreath: paid $5.99 (original price $19.99)

Book of Dark Magic: paid $9.99 (original price $29.99)

Box of Chocolate bars: paid $5.50 (original price $13.00)

Skull flashlight: paid $1.99 (original price $4.99)

After all was said and done, I left Shoppers spending $40.44 for all of this and I saved $87.50!!! Well worth the trip!

So all you adults who love Halloween and miss trick or treating, grab those recyclable shopping bags and head on out today to find some great Halloween deals of your own! I’d love to hear what some of you find!

Coupon tip of the week:  Shoppers Drug Mart offers a great points program called the Optimum club.  You can earn points on everything you buy and then use those points towards your next purchases.  They also offer Optimum points club days almost every month where you can earn up to 20x the points on your purchases when you spend $50 or more.  This is a great way to earn extra savings on things you normally buy.  On club days, I buy everyday food items like milk, eggs, cheese, cereal etc. as well as any cleaning or baby items on sale and I usually leave with at least $25 worth of points towards my next purchase, if not more. Points programs are also available at many grocery stores and are a great way to save money!


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6 Responses to “How to Cure the Post-Halloween Blues: Go Shopping for Halloween Deals!”


awesome again!!



I love Halloween, and it’s become my favorite in recent years, oddly more so this year than ever. I’m 31 year old male, and I just feel it’s the most fun Holiday of all if done safely and responsibly. I love the feeling of it, Autumn/October feeling. I like how everybody dresses in different costumes, decorates their houses different from one another trying to be the most unique, and I love how in today’s era adults dress up and walk around in costumes alongside the kids. Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore. In fact I seen more adults out and about in costumes having fun than kids in my town esp at the Towns Halloween fair. Even dogs and cats are dressing up hehe. I like Christmas…don’t get me wrong…especially when I was a kid. But Christmas to me has become the same display of stuff as an adult. Santas, Snowmans, same xmas songs played nonstop, and the retail commercialism shoved down our throats. Halloween is so original. I never see two houses the same that decorate for Halloween. Christmas every house within ten blocks of me all have the same outdoor Santa stuff and it’s so boring to look at. I just love Autumn and the whole month of October. I do have some good news though! January 13t is Friday the 13th. Being its in January and Friday the 13th has the same feeling of Halloween expect without the trick or treaters lol its a great way to have a mini Halloween gathering with your friends or private costume party in your house to hold you over to next October. You can even get away with putting up a black cat or Jason Voorhees decoration up outside hehe. I like your post. I thought I was the only one this year sad to see Halloween end. My family on Tuesday was like “get over it. It’s just silly Halloween..the big C holiday is here now”.


    Carly Russell

    That is awesome Anthony! It’s great to know that there are other adult Halloween enthusiasts out there. And I absolutely love the idea of having a “mini” Halloween on Friday the 13th. I am definitley going to put out my Jason Voorhees mask on our porch on Jan.13th and watch some horror movies. Happy Belated Halloween!


Bonus tip- optimum credit cards are great for additional and faster point gathering. Our family is nearly at its 4th time at $170 worth of points, in ? a year or 2? And we got a free $25 for signing up.


    Carly Russell

    Ooh great tip Heidi. thanks! I totally forgot to mentiont that. Also if you are planning to spend $50 on the 20x the point event days, make sure to purchase a shoppers $50 gift card first to pay for your purchases and you will automatically get an extra 500 points!

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