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Holy Snowballs, Batman!

The view outside my apartment this morning.

This morning I woke up and did the usual, had a shower, got dressed, started making coffee. That is when I noticed it looked more white than grey outside my window. Which led me to “investigate” by opening my window. And BAM! Snow! Tons and tons of snow! “Whhhaaaattttt?” I proclaimed while a slow smile creeped across my face.

I moved to Victoria from Toronto (and before that Montreal), so I have had my fair share of snowy days. But since moving to Victoria my winters have been snowless, and I thought I liked it that way… until this morning. Immediate joy. I have missed you, snow. Thanks for the crazy weather in Victoria today, global climate change, and reminding me how much I love the snow.

Because of the wacky weather, we also get to work from home today! Thanks again, snow! I think it is a rule put in place to avoid THIS. Bye guys, I’m going sledding.

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