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Hi. I’m New.

Yesterday, the UsedEverywhere Social Media Royal Family got together to record a podcast, as we do when the mood strikes us, for the sole purpose of massaging your inner ear like a Q-tip made of angels and rainbows; once it has been edited to perfection and put online, of course. This podcast didn\’t go quite so smoothly for me, though. As you may or may not find out, depending on what audio gets tossed out, I was forced to reveal a dirty dirty secret.

Here\’s what happened: while introducing ourselves, Nick asked us “what we like”. Charlotte and Eden, to my horror, interpreted this as,  “tell me how often you use the site”. My turn came around and I felt like I had to keep the pattern and couldn\’t just say “I like baby sloths and Gremlins 2” as I had planned in my head. But here\’s the problem: I have never actually bought or sold anything on the site.


I know, I know. It\’s like working at the chocolate factory and never having a Wonka Bar. But I know how all the machines work. And I know what all of the Oompa Loompas do. But I think the time has come to strike that, reverse it, and get my sell-on.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971. Warner Brothers Family Entertainment

There are various explanations for why I haven\’t yet “used” the Used. The simple answer is that I couldn\’t seem to find the time and I don\’t have a lot of stuff to sell. I need most of what I have. Secondly, while I grew up pretty much entirely on second-hand goods, the only thing I have ever bought second-hand myself was my TV. The remote was extremely sticky. So I threw it in the back of my closet and I plan on leaving it there when I move for the next tenant to find.

I think I also have irrational fears that develop as an outcome of watching nothing but Law & Order and shows narrated by Bill Kurtis as a child. I think a touch of paranoia does a person good, but since working at I\’ve realized that maybe I am a bit too guarded. That being said, it is time for action. Mark my words, this weekend I will post my very first (real) ad. Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to “Hi. I’m New.”

jac - desperaudio @ large

That’ll be an interesting adventure – and it can be a long, long, long way between the listing part and the selling part!
Around here it’s difficult to even get people to use (or be aware of) the “Used” application – even though it is pretty much better than the alternative. One of my colleagues with the same hobby as I (re-building vintage stereo gear) didn’t even know the “UsedEdmonton” existed.
And that sooooooooo has to change!



    Yes it does have to change! Spread the word!! We’ll see how things go for me… I still don’t know what I should try to sell….

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