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Green Fashion on the Rise?

Green fashion is not something new, but it has definitely taken on a new persona as the socially-conscious and environmentally-aware choice for all those out there who are attaching themselves to each and every green trend. There are several different criteria for clothing to qualify as green. This includes certification as an item produced via fair/ethical trade, vegan/animal/cruelty free, made with a reduction in fabric waste, a reduction in packaging, is vintage, recycled, upcycled, or reborn, and so on. One only needs to quickly browse Ecouterre to see what’s new in green fashion. For instance, one interesting campaign is H&M’s waste collection made from material scraps upcycled from their previous collaboration with Lanvin. Eco-Fashion Week is hitting Vancouver this February following NYCs Ecofashion week last September. All of this is so reminiscent of Derelicte by Mugato, no?

Creative Commons Image courtesy of Pingu1963

Eco- or Green fashion is not just in the big times. As I have previously promoted through our Twitter account, there are lots of people taking this trend into their own hands, and saving a bundle doing so as well. One of which is Marisa who started her blog New Dress A Day last year, where she uses her creative seamstress skills to breathe new life into old dresses with three guidelines: 365 days, 365 dresses, and 365 dollars. There is also Project Restyle mentioned last week. My contribution is sitting back and being impressed; I know very well the extent of my sewing skills. Though used clothes now have a place on my shopping radar where they previously didn’t exist at all. For example even here in Victoria there are several used clothing stores, even recently established such as the expansion of Flavour, a retail clothing store, which now includes used wear. The Patch on Yates Street is another vintage/used clothing shop that is a Victoria staple.

For some reason whenever I need new clothes it never previously crossed my mind to buy used. It must be my parents’ fault. But after seeing some of the gorgeous greener outfits that are available, or can be made, I’m definitely more inclined to see what’s already out there before heading straight to the mall. Do you think used before you buy new clothes? Are you a regular clothing upcycler? Even just a quick glance over the Clothing & Accessories section of any of the sites have a plethora of options for restyling – and just wearing if you’re lucky enough to find your size! Next time I need clothes I will be starting my search there – green and saving money, win-win.

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