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Canada Day Gifts for true Canadians

Canada Day is this weekend (yippee!) and I know we’re all getting ready to celebrate being the fabulous Canadians we know we are! I’ve always been very proud to be Canadian, especially when traveling abroad.  People would actually stop me on the street just to tell me how much they love Canadians. In fact, I saw Americans  plaster their backpacks with maple leaf flags and try to impersonate us just to be treated better in foreign countries. We always knew who the fake Canadians were as they usually had about 10 canadian flag badges sewn on their packs plus a Montreal Canadien’s ball cap on. Overkill!  The real Canadians  had one small flag on our bags as we are a more humble people, eh?

There are many other things I believe make us truly Canadian; many are stereotypes but most are very true!  One of the traits that I believe Canadians possess is generosity. We love to give gifts and make others happy so I thought, why not find some items you could give as gifts to your fellow Canadians on this patriotic holiday!

This Molson Canadian Beer Clock/Mirror  on UsedVic would look nice in any proud Canadian’s home as there’s nothing more Canadian than beer paraphernalia.  I remember when I was younger and had just reached the drinking age, I loved going to the liquor store and buying a case of Molson Canadian beer for the free beer swag like hats and t-shirts inside the case.  It was like the adult version of finding the prize in the cereal box!  Okay, so I may have also bought it for the beer but it definitely tipped the scales me when choosing a beer.


When you are out and “aboot” on Canada Day, it’s important to dress the part, so why not give these Canadian Flag shorts to that special Canuck guy in your life! As the ad states, help him “celebrate Canada’s birthday in style!”


Here’s another patriotic outfit that would work as a great gift for Canada Day, although my husband tells me that if the recipient doesn’t live in Toronto, this Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey should come with the following disclaimer: “Warning: You may be heckled if you walk down the street wearing this.” But don’t worry, it will be polite heckling.

Okay, so I know this another stereotype, but I’ve honestly only tried maple syrup twice in my entire life! I thought somone could buy this antique maple syrup crate off UsedOttawa and instead of filling it with maple syrup, you could fill it with beer… which is, after all, the official drink of Canada!


And finally you aren’t truly Canadian unless you LOVE Tim Hortons coffee. I just read a poll from the States and this was #3 on their list of things American’s know about Canadians…that and that we live in igloos!

Whoever gives this coveted Tim Horton’s Coffee Maker will definitely make this year’s christmas card list! I’d snag this beauty for myself if I lived in Ottawa…I’m a bit of a Double-Double junkie.  In fact, one of my girlfriends got me this awesome sweatshirt that says, “Just give me my Timmie’s and no one gets hurt.”  So, so true as anyone who’s seen me before my morning coffee can attest. Let’s just you wouldn’t think  I’m such a nice Canadian then!

I hope some of these ideas will help you find the perfect gift to celebrate our beautiful country this weekend and put a smile on your fellow Canuck’s faces.  I intend to get up on Sunday and celebrate by making myself a big plate of pancakes smothered in maple syrup…now I just need to find a maple tree to tap, eh? Tee-hee!  Happy Canada Day everyone!


Coupon Tip of the Week:  As the long weekend approaches, stores are putting all their BBQ food items on sale so be sure to stock up on things like hotdogs, hamburgers, condiments, pop, chips and buns.  You can find some super deals and hopefully stock up for the rest of the summer…and don’t forget those coupons…I know there are currently ones out there for BBQ sauce, mustard and pickles.





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