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Five uses for wine corks

Last time I blogged about the versatility of the mighty toilet paper roll. As it turns out, it’s not the only item you can use for countless other purposes. Another very useful little gem is the humble, yet steadfast wine cork. I actually don’t drink a lot of wine, but after seeing the possibilities with wine corks, I might have to pick up the habit – or at least have my vino-loving friends start collecting them for me.

Here are just a few fantastic things you can do with a wine cork:

1. The jewelry wall


Forget that crowded, disorganized jewelry box. What you really need is a jewelry wall; an easy way to hang and organize all your earrings. Even better?  You can add corks that face outwards to hang your necklaces and bracelets.

2. The heart stamp


You can make adorable stamps from wine corks. Since Valentine’s Day is creeping up, making a heart might be a fun idea but really, you can make almost any simple shape. A little creativity and just five minutes with a box-cutting knife will do the trick.

3. The bath mat


Useful and beautiful, this wine cork bath mat is apparently super absorbent and naturally resists bacteria and mould growth. Here’s a tutorial for how to make one. It requires 500 wine corks, so you’d better get drinking. Or, if you know someone who works at a bar, that might be a faster route.

4. The bar countertop


You can use corks to convert an old dresser to a wet bar. Just glue the corks directly to the top of the dresser and you have an interesting and appropriate little wet bar.

5. Wall art


Do you have a big empty wall you’d like to fill? Why not get creative with your wine corks and conjure up some unique (and free) wall art. Here’s one example of what you can do, but just use your imagination to create a one of a kind art piece.

These are just a few uses for wine corks, but I have come across many, many more. Have you ever used wine corks in an upcycling project? Please share!

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Erika @ Our Cozy Cubbyhole

Thank you very much for featuring my heart stamp! 🙂



You can use burnt cork as eyeliner too. I’ve never done it, but I saw Jennifer Aniston demo it on the Rosie O’Donnell show years ago.


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