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Five used Valentine’s gifts. For me.

Would you consider buying secondhand gifts for Valentine’s Day? Why or why not?

I’ve been giving this quite a bit of thought lately, and I think the answer is… it depends. Like any gift-giving scenario, you need to know the recipient. And excellent gift giving requires a few different things: (a) Listening. If you’ve been paying attention you should already know what your loved one likes. (b) Creativity. This is where the Used sites come in! (c) Time. So start shopping now!

I decided to pull together a list of things that are on the UsedOttawa site right now that I think would make compelling Valentine’s gift ideas for someone like myself.

1) A one carat naked diamond. No setting, just the rock. I would carry it around in my wallet, just to say I had a diamond in my wallet.

2) A Pandora bracelet with a starter bead or two. Voila! You have the next 20 gift-giving occasions taken care of!

3) Something that has the words “vintage” “designer” and “Italian” in the title. Like this silk scarf. Again, you need to know your gift recipient!

4) A gorgeous tote or handbag, like this lemon yellow Charles David.

5) A romantic weekend at a chalet in Wakefield. Ok, so maybe this one doesn’t actually qualify as “used,” but still, it’s pretty nice. And don’t forget to arrange child care!

Unacceptable Valentine’s gifts (according to me) would include exercise machines and kitchen appliances. You know what they say, buyer beware! Good luck with your shopping!

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