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Fire up the Grill

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If there is one thing I learned from License to Grill, it’s that you can barbeque anything. And wherever Rob Rainford is, it’s summertime. So now that it is actually summertime in Canada, what does that mean?

It means it’s barbeque time.

Now, there is a lot to know about BBQ’s and I won’t pretend to be an expert. But they are definitely one of those things that you can buy used (and it’s not a bad idea for a Father’s Day gift either)! There are a few things you should keep in mind when buying your used grill.

First of all – charcoal, gas, or electric? A charcoal BBQ will give your food that smokey, quintessential barbeque flavor. They are great for cooking food slowly at a low temperature. Electric BBQ’s don’t do much for adding smokey flavors, but they will cook your food fast. Gas grills fit right in the middle – higher heat than a charcoal grill, but less smoke. Which do you prefer?

Keep in mind charcoal barbeques tend to wear down faster than gas or electric. So it is important to find out how long a seller has had the barbeque he or she is selling, whether or not it was used often, and if it has been well maintained.

What size of barbeque can you accommodate? The barbeque you get will largely depend on how much space you have. The range in size is huge – from the table top to the size of a small car. And another note, gas barbeques require propane or  natural gas – depending on where you live, there might be restrictions.

In relation to space – how much food can the barbeque accommodate? What is the capacity? It is important to think about what you are going to use the BBQ for cooking. Will you be cooking the regular old hamburgers and hotdogs? Or do you need to toast up a whole ostrich?

Regardless of your preferences and needs, like any used item it is recommended that you go out and take a look at the barbeque for sale before you decide to purchase it. You can get a much better idea of the size, in terms of how much it can accommodate and how it will fit in your home, as well as check out it’s condition, make sure it works, and maybe take it for a test drive (if that’s okay with the seller, of course).

Finally, with barbeques, brand names can be extremely helpful. It is best to go with a well-known and reliable brand. Knowing the brand name and the model of the BBQ will also help you to do a little background research on it – get on the interwebs and look up customer reviews, research the lifespan of the grill and tips on maintenance. Perhaps more importantly, a little research will tell you how much that specific BBQ costs brand new, and will help you to judge a fair price.

I hope these quick tips are helpful! Happy Grilling!


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