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Fantastic finds: backyard climbers!

I do love to hear about great finds, especially ones that are free.

This one comes to us from Allison Burnett, who blogs over at Organized Chaos. She nabbed this great play structure on her local UsedEverywhere site. It has dual slides, mini-climbing wall, a crawling tube, a platform, a hide-out… isn’t it FANTASTIC? It is the perfect residence for pirates, kings, queens, cops and robbers, olympic athletes, and young princesses in distress everywhere.

The seller told her it came with the house when they bought it. Her own kids loved it for awhile and (like all kids) eventually outgrew it. Because the play structure came into her life at no cost she didn’t feel right about charging for it, so she decided to pay it forward. Isn’t that nice? So Allison and her family became happy beneficiaries and someone out there gets a gold star in their “good karma” column.

There are lots of play structures on UsedEverywhere sites right now. You can check out the playground section, but if you want to luck into the next freebie you might want to start patrolling the free section. You never know what kind of treasures you’ll find there!

Thank you Allison, for sharing your fantastic find!

Would you like your fantastic find featured here too? Send a fantastic photo and a short description to for consideration!

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