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Dreams of a Short Girl Come True: My First Modelling Gig

-photo coutesy of Derek Ford Photographer

I’m sure many of you gals out there who are 5’4″ and under can relate when I tell you that I never imagined I’d ever get the opportunity to model. Growing up as the second shortest girl in class in elementary and high school, (at least, I could always feel tall standing next to ONE other person)  I was always picked last (well, second to last) playing basketball or volleyball and when the school put on spring fashion shows for grad, I automatically counted myself out as a candidate.

Us short girls have all secretly dreamed at one point of walking down a runway (in 6 inch heels to make up the height requirements) strutting our stuff and wearing fabulous clothing but for most, this has just remained a dream. Now I’m not saying I ever wanted to be a model professionally (nor do I have the looks, body or bone structure to actually be one!) but the opportunity to pretend to be on Canada’s Next Top Model for even a day was always something secretly hidden away on my bucket list.


(Insert Carly’s photo here) Hahahahahaha…just kidding!

Well, two weeks ago this short girl’s dream finally came true! While attending a pre-launch party for the Breathe Now Conference in Victoria, it was announced that they were looking for people to model in their fashion show during  the conference’s after-party.  At first, the short girl from elementary school inside me said “don’t even bother asking. No one wants a 5 foot 3 (and three quarters!) girl as a model.” But suddenly the thirty two-year-old mom I am now, replied, “Why not just ask?  You’re not getting any younger, lady!”  Luckily thirty-something Mom won out and I timidly raised my hand asking if they’d want someone short like me to model.  And to my amazement, the answer was yes!!!

Over the next week, I made appointments (or go-sees as they call them on ANTM!) with all sorts of different designers to be fitted for my modelling debut!  Now I should note that I’m the type of person who usually buys most of my clothing at thrift shops and Costco so putting on dresses and jeans worth over $200 a piece was really exciting and a bit intimidating. I was told that I should bring along a couple pairs of flats and a couple pairs of heels to the go-sees! Uh oh!  Problem here….I don’t know how to walk in heels!

Looking at these is like watching a horror movie!

I’m not joking!  I literally own two pairs of heels that I purchased on a whim in hopes of one day learning how to walk in them. Even my husband will attest to this unattractive inability. I’ll get all dolled up in a fancy dress and heels for a hot date night but as soon as I start walking, the illusion is gone and I suddenly turn into drunk looking horse! It’s like being Cinderella only in reverse where after trying on the glass slipper, I turn into a pumpkin instead of a princess…Oh wait, she doesn’t turn into a pumpkin, the carriage does… anyways, you get the point!

And OF COURSE when given the option, four out of the five designers decided that the outfits I was modelling looked much better in heels…my worst nightmare now coming true!  For a week, I practiced and practiced wearing my heels in hopes of not falling on my face at the show.  Luckily, on the night of the event, my practice paid off and neither I nor any audience members were hurt.  As for how I looked strutting down the runway in heels, I was told that I actually looked human instead of equine which was a pleasant surprise!  Whew!

-photo courtesy of Derek Ford Photographer

It was just like a real runway show. After we walked down the aisle, we would dash backstage, whip off our outfit and have just enough time to put on clothes before we were sent back out. We even had people helping us dress!  Not to mention, we had our makeup and hair done which is a rare and wonderful treat for any mom out there.

Getting ready backstage before the show- photo courtesy of Derek Ford Photographer

After the show, when I got home, I pulled out my bucket list and triumphantly crossed off “model in a fashion show!”  A triumph not only for me but for all those short ladies out there with the same dream. Hopefully this inspires you to also ignore the elementary school short girl inside you and raise your hand next time!

***A special thank you to designers/boutiques Mangos Boutique and Smoking Lily for their beautiful and generous thank you gifts.  So sweet of you!


Coupon Tip of the Week:  When teaching others to coupon, I’ve found the best way to get started is to ask them to write down a list of everything they purchase on a weekly and monthly basis.  Ask them to be specific if they will only use one type of brand of an item I.e. Tide Detergent or just detergent if they aren’t picky.  After they’ve completed the list, have them pass it back to you and then tick off every item you are aware there are coupons out there for.  Trust me, they will be amazed at how many items you can use coupons for and this will definitely get them excited to learn how to coupon!


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