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Decorating with maps

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As some of you know, I’ve been in renovation mode for the better part of a year now (er, possibly more). Honestly, it is pretty much all I think about. Well, we’re finally in the home stretch, and so now, more than ever, my brain is brimming with ideas for inside of the house. You know what’s really captured my heart lately? MAPS. It’s a great way to add a little personality to your living space. You can use maps in a big way for major impact, or a small way, just to dress things up a little.

And the best thing is that you can find old maps almost everywhere and they’re relatively inexpensive. (My local secondhand shop has boxes of old maps. Just ask!)

For example:

I haven’t even touched on globes. I’ve always wanted to start a collection of vintage globes and display them in an interesting way – like this – ack! I just want to die of the pretty.

What about you? If you could get your hands on a gorgeous vintage map, where would it be from? (I’d love an ancient wall-sized map of Prague myself! Or maybe a young Ottawa. Hmm.)

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Wow that is an interesting idea!! My kids idea trofasts are looking quite ugly and beat up but still very sturdy and functional I think I’m going to try to modge podge them one with maps and the other with the kids artwork . Thanks for the idea!!
Michelle & the gang



I just read Maphead by Ken Jennings and it has left me with a major lust for maps. I’ve been scouring the house for any kind of surface where I could put a map. Thanks for the great ideas!



Geological maps are very colourful and a different spin on the map idea. Available from the Geological Survey of Canada, the United States Geological Survey, the Ontario Geological Survey, etc. A friend of mine bought a house in Pennsylvania where the dining room was wallpapered with old USGS quadrangle geology maps. It’s stunning.


    Andrea Tomkins

    Love that idea! Also, celestial maps would be amazing to use.

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