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“’Now is the time to try something new.’” (Subtitle: decorating with fortune cookie fortunes)

My last Used post was about decorating with vintage maps. Today I wanted to talk about fortune cookies.

I find it very difficult to throw fortune-cookie fortunes away. I am not sure why, exactly, perhaps I think they serve as good reminders for us sometimes.

Here are some of the ones I have kept over the years:

  • “Others admire your caring qualities”
  • “Whether you choose love or fame, you’ll be able to handle either or both.”
  • “You have an unusually magnetic personality.”
  • “Your smile will brighten someone’s day.”
  • “You are a person of culture.”
  • “Now is the time to try something new.”

And my personal favourite:

  • “You like Chinese food.” (HA!)

I know that fortune cookies are the kind of item that’s regarded as a throw-away, but I think it’s neat to incorporate them into your living space. They’re inspirational!)

1) You can make your own fortune cookies, for starters. All you need is felt, glue, and a bit of wire (and fortunes of course). There are some easy instructions on the Martha Stewart website. Once upon a time we made our own and displayed them in a pretty bowl. It was fun to ask friends and guests to pick a fortune (which we often custom made just for them). We have given our homemade felt fortune cookies as little gifts too.

2) You can display the best ones in a pretty jar or container, for occasional inspirational reading like we did here:

3) You can tuck them under a sheet of glass that tops a dining room or coffee table. This is my personal favourite and I’m aiming to incorporate this idea into our own household at some point. It would be so cool to eat breakfast (at a table like this for example!) while being reminded of my good fortune. What do you think?

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My parents do something similar with travel paraphernalia. The breakfast bar at their cabin is topped in glass. After each trip, they re-do the collage using ticket stubs, receipts and postcards. It’s a fun way to remember places they have travelled to, and we all look forward to the new collages.


    Andrea Tomkins

    That’s a really neat idea! It’s a great way of keeping the memories alive!

Lisa from Iroquois

I have been known to tape favorite fortune cookie sayings to the edge of my computer. Those slips of paper fit perfectly in the width of standard size clear tape. It is also a good place to read affirmations on a regular basis.


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