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Days Ten, Nine and Eight of my RAOK Challenge


On the tenth day of random acts of kindness, the universe gave to me:

I desperately needed a new winter coat and noticed that Old Navy was having some super sales. Plus I found a coupon for 25% off so I knew I’d score a super deal there.  I ran down there after my hubbie got home from work and picked out a pillowy, oven warm jacket that will totally help keep the Victoria winter chill out of my bones…so basically it’s good for 2 degrees and up!  I was standing in line and pulling out my coupon when I noticed that my hubbie had accidentally printed off two.  There was a lady in front of me waiting to pay so I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she already had a coupon. She did not so I gave her my extra one and she also saved an extra 25% on her purchase.  She was super thankful and wished me a merry christmas!

On the ninth day of randome acts of kindness, the universe gave to me:

I needed a couple of items to make dinner last week so I quickly stopped off at our local Safeway to grab them.  As I pulled up, I noticed that there was a big transit bus parked in front of the store and a big sign saying they were accepting food donations to “stuff the bus!”  I didn’t know this charity event was going on but when I went into the store and grabbed my couple of items, I decided to spend a few more minutes putting together a full bag of non-perishables and dropped them off to the charity on the way back to my car.  I was so glad they were there as I hadn’t had a chance to go through my pantry yet for the food bank….which I promise to do this week!

On the eighth day of random acts of kindness, the universe gave to me:

I’ve had this basic ceiling fan for sale on UsedVic for months now and no one seemed to want it, even when it was thirty two degrees in the summer.  So I was shoked when I got an email yesterday from a guy wanting to buy it.  I have no idea what anyone would need a ceiling fan for in the middle of December (to push the smoke out of the house in case the turkey burns?) but I didn’t question him and told him he could come pick it up. I had to go out in the morning so I told him I’d leave it on the porch and he could just put the money in the mailbox.  As I was about the leave the house, my RAOK angel tapped me on the shoulder and said, “hey why don’t you just give it him for free?”  I replied, “what a fabulous idea!” and left a note on the ceiling fan wishing the man a merry christmas and that the fan was his for free!

Starting to feel the pressure as I’ve only got 7 days left until Christmas and still need to perfrom 7 more RAOKs! That’s literally 1 a day!! Universe, please don’t fail me now.  Anyone else do an RAOK lately that they’d like to share?

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A bit of RAOK today. I’m a “Jack of all trades….master of none!” I know a lot about renovations and basic mechanics. A friend of mine in Ottawa was recently hospitalized and is unable to work for the next couple of months and he and his wife are having a difficult time to make ends meat. Low and behold, the brakes on their car need to be changed, which I do for $75 + materials. It’s about an hour out of my time to do the work. With Christmas and all, we are all in need of a few extra dollars and some need money more than others. I purchased the materials and didn’t mark up the price for my friend and didn’t charge him labour to do the work. He needs the money more than I do. Just a friend helping out another friend.


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