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Day Twelve and Eleven of My RAOK Challenge

On the twelfth day of random acts of kindness, the Universe gave to me:

I was walking back to my car parked in an underground parking lot and was about to get in when I heard someone say “Excuse me.”  I turned around and there was this man huddled in the corner of a stall in his sleeping bag with his cute little dog. I hadn’t noticed him when I parked the first time. He asked “Do you happen to know what time it is?”  I gave him the time and he said thank you and laid his head back down to go to sleep.  Instead of just getting into my car, I rifled through my change tray and walked over and gave him what I hoped was enough for a warm cup of coffee as it was another cold morning. If he hadn’t asked the time, I’d never have seen him.  I’m sure thankful he did.

On the eleventh day of random acts of kindness, the Universe gave to me:

While grocery shopping, I realized I had a prescription I needed to pick up at the pharmacy that I’d completely forgotten about. There was someone already at the counter when I arrived so I simply waited my turn.  After a few minutes, the man at the counter turned to me and  asked “I’m so sorry to bother you but I’m a few cents short for  my prescription. Would you happen to have 46 cents I could borrow?”  I said sure and looked through my change purse only to find out I had no change.  I looked over at the counter and noticed that this man was paying for his entire order with small change. I could only imagine that he had probably looked under every couch cushion to find enough money to pay for this. So I simply replied “Merry Christmas” and gave the cashier my debit card to pay for the entire prescription.  It wasn’t a lot of money but this man was so blown away and instantly gave me a huge hug which was really sweet.  What made it even more special, was that I saw him a few minutes later in the produce section picking up some much needed food that he hadn’t anticipated he’d be buying that day. Thanks Universe!

I’d love to hear any of your random acts of kindness.  Remember, kindness inspires kindness!

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You inspire me! This is fantastic!


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