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Where do you stand on Christmas cards? And where do you put them?

A few years ago I had to do a serious Holiday Reassessment. I was taking on too much and buckling under the pressure of it all. I had to decide what would stay and what would have to go.

Holiday baking, pretty much, had to go. I don’t really enjoy baking cookies (although I do love baking bread), and don’t have patience for finicky decorations. Besides, this is something that can be easily outsourced.

Shopping and gift buying had to stay. Obviously. But I could pare it down by buying fewer things and shopping online.

Decorating was pared down to a tree and some greenery on the mantle.

And then there was the issue of Christmas cards. I love receiving cards, but in order to receive I realized I had to send. And so I found myself returning to this tradition year after year, and quite often the kids got involved too, even when they were too young to write:

Advent day 10: christmas cards

Sadly, it’s rare that I’m able to get the cards out on time. In fact, I still have a stack of them right here, almost ready to go. Oops. Perhaps I’ll just call them “New Years” cards instead of Christmas cards. That way I can send them anytime in January!

Displaying the cards has also been an ongoing issue for me too. Some years we’ve strung twine across our faux fireplace or across the window, but there are a few other options that I’m considering for next year:

Do you send cards to family and friends this time of year? Why or why not? And how do you display them? I need more ideas!



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8 Responses to “Where do you stand on Christmas cards? And where do you put them?”

Alexa Clark

I’m not a fan of Christmas cards. Sure they are funny or touching or nice to receive but I don’t send them since I’m not really Christian. And there seems to be a fair amount of stress, obligation and guilt around them which really makes the pretty glitter less pretty.
Of course, there’s also the environmental piece of the whole equation – but compared to newspapers I’m willing to give the card industry a pass.
That said, I do have a little cache of them tucked away in from my childhood when my parents and grandparents would send them to me for sentimental reasons.

No I don’t send them.
Yes I display them – embedded in our Rogues Gallery, tucked in around the photos of our friends and loved ones which graces our wall.
And I’m delighted to announce I have only received 3 this year!


    Andrea Tomkins

    I don’t consider the religious aspect of it so it doesn’t feature into my thinking at all. The way I see it, it’s a nice way to reach out to the people close to you in a special way. Like receiving a letter…. which is a dying art too! To know that someone took the time to buy a card, write a note, look up my address, buy a stamp, and find a mailbox is kind of nice, don’t you think?

alison p-h

Yes, I do send Christmas cards. I really think it is a great way to reach out to others that we don’t throughout the rest of the year. This year half of the cards I made and the other half are bought. I have found some great designs from etsy sellers.

This year I have put the cards in a carousel like display thingy. Although I really like the idea of hanging them from ribbons. That might be the way to go for 2012.



I’m totally devoted to Christmas cards – love getting them, love sending them. I used to hand-write a letter in each one, I finally went newsletter a few years ago and I still cringe about it, but it’s the best I can do right now.

The more we receive, the better! Mostly I stand them along the mantle or on top of our TV unit. Last year I strung ribbon along the stairs and hung them there – it was a great way to display them, I’m just lazy this year :).


Heather Thom

My daughter who is 4 decided on her very own to write a card to each friend in her class. She printed cards for 19 classmates. She hand printed each name and her name and decorated with stickers. I know she did this to be kind with not a real expectation to receive one in return.
Isn’t this what card giving is all about?



I love sending holiday cards. I wanted to send Thanksgiving cards this year but an acceptable family photo was elusive. We were still struggling and the Christmas deadline passed me by. So this year it will be New Year cards. I love receiving them and sending them…who doesn’t like mail that isn’t a bill? 🙂


Mary @ Parenthood

I love receiving cards (and letters!!!) I don’t understand all the mocking that goes with the form letters; for many people it’s the only connection I have with them aside from rare visits a couple times a decade.

I always wanted to send them out, but never got around to it before this year. I sent 48 cards (still dithering on who to send the last two to!). It’s taken me since September, so clearly I’ve found the process difficult.

Mostly I didn’t put in letters (the odd note here and there). Even though I found it hard I will do it again. I think the benefit to doing it now is that it gives a bit of a deadline, which I need as a procrastinator 🙁

I don’t receive enough cards to worry about displaying them, but then again I only sent them out this year for the first time…



I have made many many feet of garland out of them, enough to decorate the whole house. I have also organized them into various categories like: Santa, birds, christmas trees, holly, and displayed those in separate locations. Cut up the greeting part that is inside to make gift tags from them.

I love Christmas cards, and try to recycle them as much as I can.


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