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Christmas Already? My Post-Halloween Deals

As you know my favorite day of the year is October 31st but what you may not know is that Nov.1st comes in at close second.  That’s because the day after Halloween, all the stores frantically reduce their Halloween decoration stock in order to make room for Santa Claus and Rudolph on their shelves.

Each year, I wake up bright and early like a kid on Christmas morning and head out in search of fabulous deals to use next Halloween.  These deals help fuel my Halloween addiction which I fear may lead to being featured on a Halloween Hoarders special one day.  I’m not kidding…we have about 600 square feet of storage in our basement and about 550 of it is claimed by Halloween decorations!  I’ll be honest, my dream home would either be the Munster’s or the Addam’s!

This year I found some amazing new pieces at ridiculously cheap prices so I thought I would share some with you:

This little guy is my favorite!  I’m going to put him outside on the porch to scare all the little kiddies that come by looking for treats. As you can see in the video, I tested how scary it is on my dog Indie with great success. Actually I should preface this with admitting that my dog is afraid of literally everything… so maybe not the best candidate to test on, but I still think it will do the trick next Halloween.

Meet the latest addition to our scary home….Mr., Mrs., and Baby Mummy Ghosts. Aren’t they cute?

This will be a great decoration as well as hopefully help me with my severe phobia of spiders.  I usually can’t even read a book with pictures of spiders in it without freaking out so this giant spider is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone.

This Halloween, I took baby steps and gave a small rubber spider to my son over Halloween thinking it would help desensitize me if I saw my adorable son playing with it.  This did work although he kept leaving it on the floor and then I’d forget to put it away before going to bed.  Later in the night I’d wake up to go to the washroom, see a shadow of a big spider on the floor and practically pass out from fear!  So next year I will definitely need to remember to put this new critter away before bedtime.


Because I’m telling ya, you can never have too many body parts for Halloween!

Last but not least, this guy actually talks and you can even record what you want him to say. I may just use him as a centerpiece for my coffee table. Or if I need to leave a note for my husband, I can record it on the skull…way more fun!

I also picked up a costume for myself and my son for next year as well as a few other small decorations.  After all the discounts were applied, I ended up only paying $45 for all of this!  Not too shabby!  And my house will be extra spooky next year!

I’d love to hear of any cool halloween decorations you’ve found or any deals you got on November 1st…and yes candy deals count as well! Also some stores are still clearing out their Halloween stock so be sure to take a peak and cash in on this early Christmas.

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