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Bookin’ it for the Break

The Ottawa Public Library is one of my favourite institutions. They have provided our family with countless hours of enjoyment. But more than that, the library has helped preserve my sanity. I am a better mom because of the library.

The library is a godsend. You can borrow books and magazines, music, movies and Wii games (YES YOU CAN), pedometers and museum and gallery passes, ski passes for Gatineau Park and City of Ottawa, and even Kill A Watt meters to help you figure out how deeply that beer fridge has been impacting your hydro bill.

March Break is nigh here in Ottawa and once again I find myself vastly unprepared. For work-at-homers like myself, March Break is a mixed blessing. Sure, we get to spend a lot of special time with our little ones, but at the same time, we get to spend a lot of special time with our little ones… if you catch my meaning.

Lo and behold, the library will be saving my hide once again. Case in point: they plan some fantastic March Break programming for kids every year. It’s all free and activities take place at branches all across the city. You can check them all out here. It the perfect antidote for squirrely children (and their twitchy parents).

I am very happy that my library fines go towards supporting so many great programs for so many people, aren’t you? 😉

If you’re not planning on leaving your house anytime during March Break, I strongly urge you to hit the library and borrow a giant stack of books for when you need to enforce quiet times. You won’t be sorry you did.

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I don’t have March Break issues as I don’t have kids, but I have to give a hearty “and how!” to your post. I was just raving about our library/recreation facility in Barrhaven and how the amazing programs and services are worth every dime of my tax dollars. I’m there at least twice a week, the service I receive is always excellent, and the building is always bustling. It makes me happy. (Oh, and now you’ve guilted me into paying my $1 fine that I avoided last time because I didn’t want to break a $20!)


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